Woman sitting in modern building looking at camera
Woman sitting in modern building looking at camera



We are a global semiconductor leader that bridges the physical and digital worlds to enable breakthroughs at the Intelligent Edge. We combine analog, digital, and software technologies into solutions that help drive advancements in digitized factories, mobility, and digital healthcare, combat climate change, and reliably connect humans and the world.


The most exciting development in technology today is the dawning of the Intelligent Edge era, where pervasive sensing, AI-driven edge computing, and ubiquitous connectivity are coming in smart, connected systems that enable new capabilities, applications, and markets. ADI is at the center of this new era, supplying the intelligent sensing and connectivity on which it depends. Leveraging our strong position at the boundary between the physical and digital worlds, innovation capabilities, and domain expertise, ADI is working closely with customers to bring intelligence to the edge.

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Transforming digital healthcare for better access and outcomes

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Unlocking human potential by safely automating factories and transportation

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Combating climate change through electrification, energy management, and industrial automation

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Connecting humanity to foster knowledge, understanding, and community


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At ADI, we have long held the belief that we can and should be a force for positive change in the world. We believe that our strategic growth over the past few years gives us the opportunity to take an even stronger leadership position in driving the changes that must take place to create a better society and a healthier planet. Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are at the heart of everything we do because it’s the morally right thing to do and ESG is smart business. The efforts we take across ADI to operate with integrity, preserve the environment, slow down and remediate climate change, and inject greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), both within our leadership and workforce, are key to our long-term growth and profitability. We believe sustainability means delivering holistic solutions that make a positive, demonstrable impact on the world.

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With a strong foothold bridging the physical and digital worlds, ADI is uniquely positioned to drive innovation in our key markets, including automotive, industrial, communications, digital healthcare, and consumer.

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We have long believed that good corporate governance is important to ensure that Analog Devices is managed for the long-term benefit of our stakeholders.

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