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In 2021, Analog Devices India virtually welcomed a group of 72 new college graduates (NCGs). Congratulations, and welcome to the team!

The virtual world presents many limitations for group networking and learning, which could have been a great detriment to these newcomers. That’s why we innovated a new way to help our bright, young NCGs connect with each other and the company during their early days at ADI.

On their first Friday, NCGs attended a new activity called “First Friday Meetups,” an informal video conference with HR where they could see and talk to other NCGs who had started at ADI that week. The platform allowed newcomers to meet each other face to face (more or less), share their experiences, and clarify any doubts or questions they might have about the onboarding process so far.

Analog Devices India welcomed a group of 72 New College Graduates
Visual from NCG Orientation Program

This activity was kept casual and acted as bridge between the initial formal onboarding conversations with HR and the elaborate orientation program.

After the completion of all NCG onboarding, a meticulously planned NCG Orientation Program was conducted, comprised of sessions from all support and technical teams. The program was highly detailed, so we spaced it out across four weeks to avoid fatigue due to its virtual nature.

Based on insights gathered from the First Friday meetups, the program started with an “ADI Bangalore office virtual tour” video to provide the NCGs with a look at the office.

The program ended with a video of “Life at ADI” showcasing the glimpses of various activities conducted at ADI, both in the pre- and post-pandemic times.

Once again, we would like to congratulate the young graduates who have joined us this year!