ADRV9026/9 Family

As demand for data increases globally, telecom infrastructure manufacturers are challenged by shorter time to market, increased antenna count, ever-growing cost pressure, and proliferation in variants of form factors, frequency bands, output power, and software. The ADRV9026, ADI’s 4th generation wideband RF transceiver, delivers quad-channel integration with the lowest power, smallest size, common platform solution available to simplify design and reduce system power, size, weight, and costs for 3G/4G/5G applications, including multi-standard base stations, massive MIMO, and small cells.

Smallest Size, Lowest Power Wideband RF Transceiver Solution for Base Transceiver Stations (BTS)

  • Smallest size reduces footprint and enhances form factor flexibility
  • 2× integration and 50% power consumption reduction over ADRV9009 enables increased radio density to support higher antenna count
  • Supports up to 200 MHz bandwidth and covers all bands from 650 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Enables ORAN small cell designs with lowest system power and cost
  • Single-chip FDD/TDD solution simplifies hardware and software development
  • Common platform design for 3G/4G/5G reduces complexity, development costs and time to market

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Applications: Macro base stations, Massive MIMO, Small cells



ADRV9026 Evaluation Demo

This demo video covers the basic functionality of the ADRV9026 evaluation platform and software.

Visit the ADRV9026 Evaluation Page

ADRV9026 Design Resources

Find all the design resources needed to design the ADRV9026 wideband RF integrated transceiver. The Design File Package includes the eval board schematics, BOM, layout, IBIS, BSDL models, JCOM models, S-parameters Material Declaration, and Symbols and Footprints.

ADRV9026 Design File Package

(Last Updated: 10/2021)

ADRV9026/ADRV9029 Software

The ADRV9026/ADRV9029 software package contains the GUI software, the API source code, the firmware file, and the gain tables.

The GUI software enables transceiver testing using the evaluation board and the Windows GUI. The API source code is intended for use in a customer system and can be integrated with the rest of the customer code and compiled for the target system. The firmware file in binary format is used by the ARM® processor on the transceivers. The gain tables include the receiver gain tables and transmitter attenuation table. Note that the files within the zip must be used together. For example, the ARM files from one zip file cannot be used with the API files from another version.

ADRV9026 Released Software Package SW6.3.0.5

ADRV9029 Released Software Package SW6.3.0.5

ADRV9026/ADRV9029 Release Build Software Release Notes (PDF) SW6.3.0.5

ARDV902x Family Roadmap

Enhanced features and functions will be added to ADRV9026 over time, including:

  • 25 Gbps SERDES support
  • Extending LO frequency range down to 75 MHz
  • Support for an external LO
  • Filter Wizard to support custom profiles

An enhanced version from the ADRV902x wideband RF transceiver family will be released in 2020 with integrated DPD and CFR, reducing FPGA requirements, as well as lowering total system power and cost.

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ADRV9026 Technical Support

For technical support, please post questions directly on the ADRV9026 EngineerZone® forum or email Please note the questions sent through email will be answered on the ADRV9026 EngineerZone® forum.