Wideband Transceivers

RadioVerse SDR Integrated Transceivers

ADI’s integrated wideband RF transceiver product series offers highly integrated, carrier-grade radio system-on-chip (SoC) solutions that support communications, aerospace and defense, and high speed instrumentation applications. In addition to reduced size, weight and power (SWaP) these devices are versatile and can be used as a common design platform across multiple designs and variants.

ADRV9002 Wideband Transceiver

ADRV9002 Transceiver

The ADRV9002 is the first in a new family of integrated RF transceivers designed to provide high dynamic range and best-in-class blocker tolerance for narrow and wideband signals. It is a very versatile transceiver capable of high performance and low power consumption, and operates in either TDD or FDD modes. It is ideally suited for challenging portable and networking markets and applications in both military and commercial markets.

Applications: Tactical and first responder radios, satellite communications, small cells

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ADRV9026 Transceiver

The ADRV9026 supports 200 MHz bandwidths with coverage for all bands between 650 MHz to 6 GHz, all while enabling ORAN small cell designs and increased radio density due to greater integration and low power consumption. Featuring a single-chip FDD/TDD common platform solution for 3G/4G/5G, it reduces complexity, simplifies hardware and software development, and helps speed your time to market.

Applications: 3G/4G/5G Macro BTS, Massive MIMO, Small Cells

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ADRV9026 Wideband Transceiver
ADRV9008/ADRV9009 Wideband Transceiver

ADRV9008/9 Family

The ADRV9009 is a highly integrated, radio frequency (RF) agile transceiver offering dual transmitters and receivers, integrated synthesizers, and digital signal processing. It offers the widest bandwidth, highest performance, single-chip TDD solution on the market. It can be used for a wide range of Communications, Aerospace & Defense, and Electronic Test & Measurement (ETM) applications.

Applications: 2G/3G/4G/5G Macro BTS, Massive MIMO, Phased Array Radar

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AD9371/5 Family of Wideband Transceivers


The AD9371 SDR transceiver is a dual-channel integrated wideband RF transceiver for applications that require high performance radios across a wideband frequency range while maintaining low power consumption levels. It is a highly integrated 12mm x 12mm SoC that replaces as many as 20 high performance discrete components.

Applications: 3G/4G macro BTS, 3G/4G massive MIMO, SDR

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AD9371 Wideband Transceiver

AD9375 with Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD)

The AD9375 is the world’s first wideband RF transceiver with integrated DPD and is pin compatible with AD9371. The AD9375 integrated DPD consumes less than 1/10th the power of FPGA-based solutions, cuts half the JESD data interface lanes, and reduces system complexity and cost.

Applications: 3G/4G small cell BTS, 3G/4G massive MIMO

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AD9375 Wideband Transceiver

AD9361/3/4 Family of Wideband Transceivers



The AD9361 SDR transceiver is designed for use in a wide range of low power wireless applications, in a highly integrated 10mmx10mm package. This dual-channel radio SoC covers a 70-MHz to 6-GHz frequency range and has a tunable channel bandwidth of up to 56 MHz.

Applications: 3G/4G picocell, SDR, point-to-point, satcom, IoT aggregator

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The AD9363 SDR transceiver is pin compatible with AD9361. This dual-channel radio SoC covers a 325-MHz to 3.8-GHz frequency range and has a tunable channel bandwidth of up to 20 MHz.

Applications: 3G/4G femtocell, DAS, UAV, wireless surveillance

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The AD9364 SDR transceiver is pin compatible with AD9361. This single-channel radio SoC covers a 70-MHz to 6-GHz frequency range and has a tunable channel bandwidth of up to 56 MHz.

Applications: 3G/4G picocell, SDR

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Design File Packages

Take the first step in your design process by downloading and thoroughly reviewing either the AD9361, AD9363, AD9364, AD9371, AD9375, ADRV9002 or ADRV9008/9 design file package.

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Integrated Wideband RF Transceiver Product Series

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Freq Response (min)
Freq Response (max)
IF/Channel BW (min)
IF/Channel BW (max)
Device Configuration
Interface Protocol
Power Consumption
1 ADRV9002 30MHz 6GHz 12kHz 40MHz 2 Rx + 2 Tx LVCMOS SSI, LVDS SSI, SPI < 1.5W DPD Linearization BW up to 20MHz
2 AD9361 70MHz 6GHz 200kHz 56MHz 2 Rx, 2 Tx JESD207, SPI < 1.5W -
3 ADRV9009 75MHz 6GHz - 200MHz 2 Rx, 2 Tx JESD204B, SPI < 5W -
4 ADRV9008-1 75MHz 6GHz - 200MHz 2 Rx JESD204B, SPI < 3W -
5 AD9363 325MHz 3.8GHz 200kHz 20MHz 2 Rx, 2 Tx JESD207, SPI < 1.5W -
6 ADRV9008-2 75MHz 6GHz - 450MHz 2Tx + 2 ORx JESD204B, SPI < 5W -
7 AD9364 71MHz 6GHz 200kHz 56MHz 1 Rx, 1 Tx JESD207, SPI < 1.5W -
8 ADRV9026 650MHz 6GHz - 200MHz 4 Rx + 4 Tx + 2 ORx JESD204B, JESD204C, SPI 5W TDD, 7.5W FDD -
9 AD9371 300MHz 6GHz 8MHz 100MHz 2 Rx, 2 Tx JESD204B, SPI < 5W -
10 AD9375 300MHz 6GHz 8MHz 100MHz 2 Rx, 2 Tx JESD204B < 5W DPD Linearization BW up to 40MHz