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HVAC circulating the air flow

Today’s sophisticated buildings require HVAC systems technologies with unprecedented levels of energy efficiency, safety, and comfort. To obtain peak operating performance in all these areas simultaneously requires a complex, reliable network of monitoring/control systems and accurate sensors. Analog Devices can meet these sophisticated HVAC system technology requirements by delivering proven, high performance, reliable, signal processing solutions.

Data created in HVAC systems needs to connect securely into building management systems to optimize its utilization efficiency. Sensors in HVAC systems can measure the flow and temperatures of air to enhance the system performance. Additional insights on operation efficiencies can be derived using condition-based monitoring solutions that provide information on operation and predictive maintenance.

Condition Monitoring Evaluation Platforms

Condition monitoring applications continue to grow in importance, as smart building owners deploy predictive maintenance solutions to reduce the downtime of important assets, including pumps, fans, compressors and HVAC systems. Learn how Analog Devices will accelerate your hardware, software and predictive maintenance service offerings with our complete system level solutions.

Analog Devices Condition-Based Monitoring Platform

CN0549 - CbM Development Platform. Accelerate condition monitoring hardware, software and algorithm development. CN0549 enables real-time vibration data processing to accelerate the development of algorithms for predictive maintenance services.

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