Building Sustainability

Building sustainability, or healthy building, is all about creating conditions within a building to make it a safe, pleasant, and productive environment. Regulations will increasingly protect the safety of occupants from the quality of the air they breathe, to the number of people that can work safely within a given space. A sustainable, green building requires you to be able to measure and optimize the utilization of assets and services. Creating a better planet involves the aim of a zero-carbon building, which requires the creation and understanding of data. Many sustainable buildings are or will be highly energy efficient and fully powered from on- and off-site renewable energy sources.

Green Buildings Get a Boost

Having a building that is energy efficient helps to reduce energy costs and provide a productive environment for workers. Learn how wireless nodes are enabling energy harvesting for use in commercial buildings.

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Solar panels in the city

Enabling a Safe Return After Lockdown

As we come out of a post-pandemic lockdown, it’s natural to be nervous about a return into the workplace. Read about the areas for combatting disease and how technology can play a role.

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Teamwork Businesswoman Wearing Medical Mask

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