Building Safety and Security Solutions

It’s a fact: building safety and security solutions can save lives. As buildings become more intelligent, it’s important to ensure the best assets of a building—the people inside it—are protected. Analog Devices offers innovative, safety/security solutions technologies and domain expertise, from fire safety and gas detection to surveillance and access control.

Saving More Lives: How to Design Better Smoke Detectors To Meet New Regulatory Requirements

New high performance sensing solutions from ADI are helping smoke and fire detector manufacturers solve these challenges.

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How to design better smoke detectors webcast

Reducing the False Alarm Rate—How Smoke Alarms Can Pass the Hamburger Nuisance Alarm Test

Smoke alarms are essential and prescribed by law, but many smoke alarms on the market are disabled due to false alarms, thus putting the buildings occupants in danger. Learn how smoke alarms can pass stringent testing to reduce the number of false alarms.

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Active smoke detector on the ceiling