Industrial Robotics

Leading the Revolution in Industrial Robotics

Industrial robotics is becoming smarter, more collaborative, and better positioned to handle complex tasks on the factory floor, with and without human intervention. Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is enabling this revolution with innovations in motion control, functional safety, advanced sensing, time of flight (ToF), machine learning, high speed Ethernet communications, and system-level design.

These advancements in automation and industrial robotics are shaping the future of work. With complex, repetitive, and often dangerous tasks being performed by robotic technology, human workers are freed up to take on more cognitive, inclusive, and safer work. Robots as a service is creating new business models and more job opportunities for workers.

Categories of Industrial Robots

Factory floor with mounted robots

Mounted/Fixed Robotics

From motor drive and servo systems to sensing and connectivity, ADI is enabling best-in-class system deployment and scalability for multi-axis (fixed or mounted) robotics systems. These systems include cobots, articulated robots, SCARA, CNC machines, and more that may be mounted to walls, floors, rails, or even bodies.

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Mobile robots carrying parcels

Mobile Robotics

The growing robotic workforce must increasingly comprehend and interact with its environment and human colleagues. ADI’s mobile robotics technologies and solutions enable more intelligent, efficient, and flexible robots to help ensure safety, productivity, and longevity in the smart factory of the future.

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Motion Control at the Intelligent Edge

Robots, cobots, AGVs, and AMRs are gaining popularity as they boost productivity, improve operating costs, and create new opportunities through flexible automation on the smart factory floor. Advances in end of arm tooling, or end effectors, are changing the way robots interact with the world. ADI Trinamic™ technology offers efficient and smart motor drive solutions, requiring only simple commands to determine and act upon critical task efficiencies.

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Motion Control at the Intelligent Edge

Safety, Robustness, Security, and Connectivity for Long-Term Reliability

Industrial robots have traditionally been kept in cages and functional safety systems were designed to keep robots separated from people. Now the robots are coming out of their cages in the form of cobots (collaborative robots) and AGVs (automated guided vehicles). ADI has domain expertise in industrial functional safety standards including ISO 13849, IEC 61496, ISO 10218, and IEC 61508, which provide the design and application requirements for robots and guidelines on a collaborative operation.

Functional Safety in Industry 4.0

Functional safety is a lynchpin of industrial evolution. ADI is committed to best practices that deliver higher reliability, more accurate diagnostics, greater resilience, and of course, improved safety for factory floor employees.

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Functional safety for robotics

Securing the Edge Where Data Is Born

ADI’s cyber defenses are rooted in hardware and woven with cryptography, establishing a chain of trust from the edge to the cloud. See how we are redefining the secure edge so you can collect and act upon data with the utmost confidence.

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data security for the factories
Engineer with tablet examining machinery in a factory

Building the Future of Industrial Robotics

ADI is leading the industrial robotics revolution in areas including motion control, functional safety, advanced sensing, and system-level design. Let’s build the future of industrial robotics together.

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Robots to the Rescue

Using the ADI IMU Board to Help Your Robot Drive Straight

See how the ADI FRC IMU board can compensate for the different rates that each wheel drives, allowing a robot to drive straight in arcade mode. Learn how the ADIS16448 IMU helps with mecanum drive.

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Robots transforming the workforce

Robots and the Transforming Workforce

Automation and robotics are fundamentally altering the nature of work in industrial settings. Discover how robots and cobots will drive improved productivity and labor force evolution in this expert panel discussion.

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