Industrial Power Supplies

Typical, modern, industrial processes need a variety of industrial power supplies including high power AC/DC and DC/DC converters, and industrial UPS. Analog Devices has a rich legacy and deep experience providing high quality, reliable power solutions for the industrial market that deliver unrivaled performance in the harshest environments.

Our high performance solutions meet stringent industrial power requirements with leading-edge design and packaging technologies, including unmatched power densities, ultralow noise technology, and superior reliability. Supported by the industry’s most comprehensive, start-to-finish, power design tool suite, along with highly configurable power interconnect solutions, ADI’s low complexity power management solutions help our customers accelerate time-to-market while delivering best-in-class performance

Uninterruptable Power Supplies

Industrial UPS products provide backup power to maximize uptime in smart manufacturing during utility power failure or in heavy utility load conditions.

Industrial Power Supplies Isolated AC/DC & DC/DC

Isolated AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies provide high efficiency, safe, and reliable power to various industrial assets and sensors across the factory floor.

Trend in Industrial Power Supplies

Industrial power supplies are being driven by the following key trends.

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To maximize productivity in an always-on world, robust, reliable, redundant power solutions are needed to deliver maximum uptime even in the presence of unreliable utility power.

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High Power Density

As production becomes more complex and power requirements scale up, industries are turning toward high power density solutions for their power supplies and battery backup storage.

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Advanced Sensing and Connectivity

Real-time monitoring of asset power is used to gain insight into asset health and is used to optimize and plan manufacturing operations.

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High Efficiency

Industrial power consumption accounts for nearly half of the world’s electricity consumption. To meet sustainability and carbon neutral goals, industries need highly efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Enabling robust and reliable power solutions with seamless access to system insights

Analog Devices is focused on delivering the highest system performance and leading integration across multiple technologies. We then combine this with extensive industrial power supplies and system-level knowledge to provide you with unique system solutions enabling precise measurement, power conversion, safety isolation, and seamless connectivity, with an increased focus on safety, robustness, reliability, and higher efficiency solutions.

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Interface and Isolation Technology

ADI’s interface and isolation technology provides robust safety isolation to protect people and assets from high voltage and disruptive electromagnetic interference.

Industrial Ethernet

High speed, Industrial Ethernet solutions from ADI enable seamless connectivity and advanced power system insights.

Precision Measurement

ADI’s low latency, high accuracy solutions enable precise current and voltage measurement for superior insight into industrial power health and performance.

Power Management

Compact, high efficiency, high power density solutions provide robust and reliable power for industrial power needs.

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Power Management Tools

ADI’s complete power management portfolio empowers designers with a high quality, easy to use toolkit. Use the LTpowerPlanner® tool for system-level power tree design, LTpowerCAD® tool to find solutions and optimize supply designs, and LTspice® for circuit simulations.

Design with ADI power tools

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Isolated Power Conversion Integrated Solutions

Isolated Power Conversion is a key requirement in Industrial Applications to protect people and assets . Learn how products from Analog Devices enable compact, high efficiency and high energy density isolated power solutions.

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Digital Isolation and Interface Technology Offerings

Our increasingly electrified and automated digital future demands higher levels of safety and data integrity to protect the sophisticated and sensitive electronics at its heart. Learn how ADI iCoupler® digital isolation technology is helping protect people and assets.

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Isolated Gate Drive and Sense Signal Chains

The isolated gate drive and sense signal chains combine robust switch control and scalable multichannel monitoring into a flexible solution covering a range of AC/DC and DC/AC applications.

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Key Products

LT8638S 3d Rendering


42 V, 10 A/12 A Peak Synchronous Step-Down with Silent Switcher® 2 Architecture

ADUM4146 3d Rendering


Single-/Dual-Supply, High Voltage, Isolated SiC Gate Driver with Miller Clamp

AD7606 3d Rendering


8-Channel DAS with 16-Bit, 800 kSPS Bipolar Input, Simultaneous Sampling ADC

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