A Co-Creation Partner with Industry 4.0 Expertise and Insight

ADI has earned leadership status in industrial automation by delivering robust, high performance solutions that profoundly impact our planet and people—from our deep motion and process control expertise and precision sensing measurement and interpretation, to expansive connectivity and power capabilities. ADI takes real-world phenomena in the most complex environments on the factory floor, and translates it into valuable insights and outcomes. We co-create with customers to architect robotics systems and solutions that improve dynamic behavior and precision while enhancing worker safety, machine health, and manufacturing flexibility—delivering uncompromising energy efficiency and sustainability in our use of resources and materials.

Illustration of connected factory floor featuring industrial robots and cobots

Accelerating the Path to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 isn’t just a vision for the future – it’s a journey beginning today. Discover how our solutions accelerate the path to Industry 4.0 by delivering next-generation flexibility, connectivity, and efficiency to today’s existing infrastructure, and future-proofing your investments for what comes next.

Discover what comes next

ADI Technologies Advancing Smart Factories

Engineer acquiring real-time data to monitor machine health


ADI’s advanced precision technologies help detect and acquire real-time data to monitor machine health, gain insights into predictive maintenance to extend life, and enhance workers’ safety.

Multiple Industrial robots using RF solutions to ensure human saftey

RF Technologies

Featuring a full spectrum of RF expertise, ADI’s broad portfolio of optimized solutions help enable the highest levels of productivity and efficiency for industrial automation.

Technician monitoring power distribution at the source


The premier source for products and expertise in power management and conversion, featuring consistent quality, proven reliability, high performance, and long life cycles.

Engineers monitoring data integrity on the manufacturing  floor

Digital Isolation

ADI’s pioneering digital isolation technology—with 3 billion isolated channels shipped—delivers trusted safety and protects data integrity for your most demanding engineering challenges.