Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) allow solar and wind power to better integrate with the grid.

For battery ESS, ADI’s product portfolio includes Battery Management Systems (BMS) ICs for the monitoring of high or low numbers of cells, together with isolated SPI communication channels as well as future wireless implementations.

For high voltage power converters used to charge/discharge the batteries or to spin flywheels, ADI provides both the ICs and system level reference designs, focusing on the innovative isolated gate drivers for SiC and GaN power switches, high efficiency power management ICs and modules, and isolated communication interfaces.

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Solving the Toughest Energy Challenges

Even as energy grids are aging, they need to evolve by getting more resilient to physical and cyber threats. mSure® technology from Analog Devices helps electricity utilities to detect more tamper conditions, extend meter life, and reduce operating expenses.

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