Data Center Solutions: Power, Connect, and Secure the Cloud

The expanding digital world demands high-bandwidth access to large -scale data computation, storage, and networking—demands met by the modern a data center. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, content streaming, remote collaboration and learning, and cloud-based services are all applications pushing rapid growth of hyperscale data centers. Similarly, but at a different scale, emerging low latency applications such as autonomous systems, IIoT, and the expansion of 5G are resulting in widespread deployment of edge compute data center solutions.

ADI’s end-to-end data center solutions range from industry-leading power management solutions—engineered for high density servers, storage, and networking systems—to optical control solutions—for Gigabit connectivity—to sensor solutions—for data center infrastructure development. ADI solutions apply to data centers of all scales, from the edge to hyperscale.

Hybrid Converter Simplifies 48 V/54 V Step-Down Conversion

When faced with the problem of producing a 12V or 24V intermediate bus from a 48 V/54 V rail, power system designers immediately find themselves comparing the relative advantages of traditional buck converter solutions to those of switched capacitor (fractional) converter solutions. A hybrid converter combines the best of both to efficiently produce regulated intermediate rails at very high power density.

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Hybrid Converter Simplifies 48 V/54 V Step-Down Conversion in Data Centers and Telecom Systems
Optical Communications

Optical Communications

ADI's optic control solutions provide support for a range of design needs, including current mirrors, TEC controllers and translinear logarithmic amplifiers.

TEC Controller Applications

Data Center Solutions for Server, Storage, & Network Equipment

Increases in data center compute performance, storage density, and network throughput are driving the need for higher energy efficiency and increased power density. Higher voltages and currents demand more sophisticated power protection circuitry to enable hot-plug capability. ADI's power protection and conversion products deliver state of the art architectures and efficiencies.

Hot Swap Controllers

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Vin Range
Circuit Breakers
Circuit Breaker Threshold
1 LTC4284 -12V to -100V 1 15mV to 30mV - High Power Negative Voltage Hot Swap Controller with Energy Monitor
2 LTC4260 8.5V to 80V 1 50mV - Positive High Voltage Hot Swap Controller with I²C Compatible Monitoring
3 ADM1278 4.5V to 20V 1 4mV to 24mV - Hot Swap Controller and Digital Power and Energy Monitor with PMBus Interface
4 ADM1270 4V to 60V 1 12.5mV to 62.5mV - High Voltage Input Protection Device
5 ADM1272 16V to 80V 1 1.4mV to 29mV - High Voltage Positive Hot Swap Controller and Digital Power Monitor with PMBus
6 ADM1275 2V to 20V 1 4mV to 24mV - Hot Swap Controller and Digital Power Monitor with PMBus Interface
7 ADM1276 2V to 20V 1 4mV to 24mV - Hot Swap Controller and Digital Power and Energy Monitoringwith PMBus Interface
8 LTC4281 2.9V to 33V 1 12.5mV to 34.37mV - Hot Swap Controller with I2C Compatible Monitoring
9 LTC4233 2.9V to 15V 1 11.2A - 10A Guaranteed SOA Hot Swap Controller
10 LTC4282 2.9V to 33V 1 12.5mV to 34.37mV - High Current Hot Swap Controller with I2C Compatible Monitoring
11 LTC4234 2.9V to 15V 1 22.5A - 20A Guaranteed SOA Hot Swap Controller
12 LT4256-1 - - - - -
13 LT4256-3 10.8V to 80V 1 55mV - Positive high voltage hot swap controller with open circuit detect output. Higher voltage version of
14 LTC4224 1V to 6V 2 25mV - Compact Dual Low Voltage Hot Swap Controller

Optical Networks

Analog Devices optical portfolio covers a range of technologies including current mirrors, translinear logarithmic amplifiers, laser diode driver ICs, and optical sensors. These solutions support GbE optical receivers, Fibre Channel, WDM transponders, telecommunications, and next-generation optical networks.

Data Center Infrastructure

The ability to monitor multiple sensor modalities enables large lights-out data centers, as well as micro data centers at the edge. ADI provides a wide array of sensor, measurement and communications technologies that make this a reality.

Wireless Sensor Networks for Green Data Centers

The ability to reduce energy consumption is critical in data centers, which are among the largest consumers of energy in the world. In fact, data centers collectively represent the fifth largest use of electricity in the US.

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