Data Center Solutions: Power, Connect, and Secure the Cloud

The expanding digital world demands high-bandwidth access to large-scale data computation, storage, and networking—demands met by the modern-era data center. Applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, content streaming, remote collaboration and learning, and cloud-based services are pushing rapid growth of hyperscale data centers. Similarly, but at a different scale, emerging low latency applications such as autonomous systems, IoT, and the expansion of 5G are resulting in widespread deployment of edge compute data center solutions.

Analog Devices’ end-to-end data center solutions encompass industry-leading power management solutions engineered for high density servers, storage, and networking systems, optical control solutions for Gigabit connectivity, sensor solutions for data center infrastructure development, and more. ADI solutions apply to data centers of all scales, from the edge to hyperscale.

Data Center Solutions for Server, Storage, & Network Equipment

Increases in data center compute performance, storage density, and network throughput are driving the need for higher energy efficiency and increased power density. Higher voltages and currents demand more sophisticated power protection circuitry to enable hot-plug capability. ADI's power protection and conversion products deliver state of the art architectures and efficiencies.

The ADM1272 offers advanced system and MOSFET protection for applications such as +48V datacenter to ensure maximum system protection, reliability, and availability. Watch to see it in action!

Hot-Swap Technology

Hot Swap Technology

Hot swap technology enables safe insertion of electronics into powered systems. ADI’s state-of-the-art methods seamlessly handle inrush and ensure low parasitic channel resistance during operation.

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Understanding Power System Management

Understanding Power System Management

Add analog monitoring and digital control to make any power supply system configurable and observable. Learn how power supply management works and why it’s needed.

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Introducing ADI's 4th Generation µModule® Regulators

Introducing ADI's 4th Generation µModule® Regulators

The 4th Generation of µModule® Regulators include better component-on-packaging, higher power, and simple layout for your design needs.

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Optical Networks

Analog Devices optical portfolio covers a range of technologies including current mirrors, translinear logarithmic amplifiers, laser diode driver ICs, and optical sensors. These solutions support GbE optical receivers, Fibre Channel, WDM transponders, telecommunications, and next-generation optical networks.

Self-Calibrating Billing Grade AC Power Measurement

Self-Calibrating Billing Grade AC Power Measurement

Analog Devices combines analog-to-digital converters with fixed-function digital signal processors to address the challenges of next-generation smart meter architectures.

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High Voltage Battery Stack Management

High Voltage Battery Stack Monitoring

High precision cell voltage measurements meet synchronous stack voltage and current measurements on a single isoSPI bus with fault tolerant communication.

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