Unified Communications and ProAV

Analog Devices has been at the forefront of developing technologies that enable professional grade, high quality, high performance audio and video solutions. Our wide range of products and platforms are industry-standards based, highly integrated with system software and advanced algorithms, and ideal for building highly differentiated products or systems.

Unified Communications and ProAV software, algorithm and tools

Unified Communications SDK

The industry’s first ever unified communications (UC) SDK that integrates industry’s leading audio over IP technologies and advanced speech processing algorithms such as beamforming, noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation, and AGC. SDK also provides a PC-based tuning tool that enables rapid prototyping. UC SDK will enable you to quickly design and develop your end conferencing product that is Microsoft Teams or Zoom compliant.

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Speech Processing Solutions

The versatile speech processing solutions from Analog Devices enable a wide range of applications such as basic communications, gaming, conferencing solutions, and voice UI.

Crosscore Embedded Studio Tool Screenshot

CrossCore® Embedded Studio

CrossCore Embedded Studio is a world-class integrated development environment (IDE) for the Analog Devices Blackfin®, SHARC®, and Arm® processor families.

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The SigmaStudio graphical development tool is the programming, development, and tuning software for the SigmaDSP® and SHARC audio processors and A2B® transceivers. Familiar audio processing blocks can be wired together as in a schematic, and the compiler generates DSP-ready code and a control surface for setting and tuning parameters.


ADI Engineer Naveed Naeem  presenting ADI's AEC solution

ADI AEC for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Conferencing Applications

ADI’s AEC solution aims to solve the challenges of unified communications and collaboration applications and tools. ADI AEC is pretested for Microsoft Teams audio specifications version 4.0, enabling it to provide faster time to market.

ADI Engineer Ken Malsky presenting ADI's acoustic echo cancellation algorithm

Analog Devices: Acoustic Echo Cancellation Algorithm (AEC)

ADI’s acoustic echo cancellation algorithm removes echoes, reverberation, and unwanted sounds from digital audio signals, providing an immersive sound experience in automotive, consumer, and professional audio systems.

ADI Engineer Ken Malsky presenting ADI's microphone and speaker beamforming algorithm

Analog Devices: Beamforming Algorithm

Analog Devices’ microphone and speaker beamforming algorithms provide an immersive audio and sound experience in automotive infotainment, conference/area/stage sound systems, and high performance consumer audio equipment.

Using A2B for Audio-Conferencing Systems

Read about ADI’s innovative approach to transporting multichannel communication over a single unshielded twisted pair wire.

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People Tracking and Gesture Control using Time of Flight and ADSD3100

Time-of-flight solutions from ADI can be used to identify people in an environment and to track their movements. This information can be used to track occupancy, ensure social distancing, and even to monitor safety; e.g., if someone has fallen down.

3D ToF camera and people tracking heatmap
  • People counting and tracking information that can be used by building management systems
  • Using gesture information that can be used to wake up the system faster, which can speed up the meeting login process | Watch our gesture control demo
  • A 3D model of the room, which can help with room equalization
  • Material detection, which can be used to tweak reverb algorithms
  • Location of the listener or listeners, which can help focus the direction of sound beams
  • Location of the speaker to help focus microphone beamforming algorithms, especially when the talker moves around the room

Use ADI EagleEye technology to integrate people counting capability for occupancy analytics.

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Analog Devices helping partners stay ahead

Neural DSP Quad Cortex Magic Sound Box with ADI's SHARC DSP

Neural DSP Develops the Quad Cortex Magic Sound Box Powered by ADI’s SHARC+ DSPs

State-of-the-art emulations of your favorite music gear with unprecedented accuracy and an unbelievably natural dynamic response.

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Dante by Audinate logo

Audinate Announces Availability of Dante Embedded Platform for Analog Devices’ SHARC Audio Digital Signal Processors

Audinate, developer of the industry-leading Dante® AV networking technology, and Analog Devices have collaborated to introduce the availability of Dante Embedded Platform (DEP®) for ADI’s SHARC audio digital signal processors (DSPs).

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Webinar: Enabling Dante Connectivity on Analog Devices SHARC SoCs

This session provides an overview of Analog Devices ADSP-SC5xx family of SoCs, Dante Embedded Platform (DEP) SDK, and the Analog Devices software framework required to run DEP.

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