Hearables and Wearables

Analog Devices hearables and wearable solutions enable high value human experience through advanced interfaces and interpretation. System and platform offerings allow for a more immersive and natural interaction between people and technology while simultaneously extending battery life. Key system areas of focus are adaptive hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC), high fidelity audio capture and playback, ultrahigh efficiency device power management, and intuitive gesture. ADI’s innovation helps bring a competitive edge to hearable and wearable products.

High Quality, Low Power Audio Solutions

At ADI, we have used our extensive knowledge in high fidelity audio and applied that to the hearable and wearable market where size, cost, and power are key factors; while still ensuring that we deliver best-in-class audio solutions.

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Webinar: Active Noise Cancellation Technology for Wireless Headphones

This webcast highlights advanced ADI technologies embedded in earphone/headphones showing how consumer electronic devices can provide a differentiated feature set.

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Bowers & Wilkins Headphones and blue sound waves

Noise Cancelling Without Compromise with Bowers & Wilkins

With the help of its longtime technology partner, Analog Devices, Bowers & Wilkins overcame daunting technical challenges, bringing its signature sound to a wider audience.

Enabling Bowers & Wilkins’ Signature Sound

ADI Engineer Joshua LeMaire presents audio technology for wireless headphones

Game-Changing Audio Technology for Wireless Headphones

This demo highlights advanced ADI technologies embedded in earphone/headphones and shows how consumer electronic devices can provide a differentiated feature set.

ADI Engineer presenting the ADAU1787 Active Noise Cancelling CODEC

Lower Power, High Quality Codec with Audio DSPs

Experience how the ADAU1787, a low-power codec with a programmable Fast DSP engine, can be used to build high-quality, low-power headphones with advanced features, including active noise cancellation.

ADI Engineer Joshua LeMaire presents the SSM6322 High Fidelity Headphone Amplifier

High Fidelity Headphone Amplifier Solution featuring SSM6322

This complete audio signal chain allows mobile device users to enjoy lossless, audiophile quality music limited only by their headphones. Featuring our audio DAC with our high performance amp (SSM6322) and low noise LDO regulators (ADP151, ADP7118, ADP7182).

Vital Signs Measurements and Wearable Health Monitors

Analog Devices’ vital sign measurement solutions are powered by a range of integrated and discrete sensor and signal conditioning technology solutions for portable, wearable, and bedside monitoring systems.

ADI Engineer Christoph Kaemmerer presents non-contact vital sign monitoring

Non-contact Vital Sign Monitoring by Analog Devices

Analog Devices has built a noncontact vital sign monitoring (VSM) system to increase patient convenience.

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Woman looking at digital watch with vital health signs shown

Wearable Health Monitor

Design a wearable health monitoring device such as a fitness band, sports watch, or pedometer by using ADI’s optical, impedance, biopotential, and motion sensor technologies and signal conditioning expertise.

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Personal Electronics Software, Algorithms, and Tools

Experience high quality voice technology utilizing speech processing solutions from Analog Devices that enables you to hear clear and crisp speech even in a noisy environment. Intelligently focus on the speaker, eliminate annoying echoes and double talk, suppress noise, and enjoy superior sound using robust solutions from Analog Devices.

Speech Processing Solutions

The versatile speech processing solutions from Analog Devices enable a wide range of applications such as basic communications, gaming, conferencing solutions, and voice UI.

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The SigmaStudio® graphical development tool is the programming, development, and tuning software for the SigmaDSP® and SHARC® audio processors and A2B® transceivers. Familiar audio processing blocks can be wired together as in a schematic, and the compiler generates DSP-ready code and a control surface for setting and tuning parameters.

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