Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMA)

Three Levels of Integration

ADI’s ability to integrate at any level makes us uniquely qualified to help you attain optimal performance, SWaP, and reliability. With complete control of the process from the bare die to the manufacturing of key components, we can ensure superior product lifecycle management. Our component expertise creates perfectly tailored, highly reliable module solutions for your most challenging design requirements.

ADI’s module designers include circuit, electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal, and stress analysis using the same tools as our customers. This allows our modules to be seamlessly imported into customer systems at early stages in the development process. We in effect, become an extension of your design team, allowing you to focus on your key areas of expertise as we go from concept to prototyping to full manufacturing all under one roof, thus shortening design cycles and getting you to market faster.

Integrated Microwave Assemblies

Integrated Microwave Assemblies


Multi-Chip Packages

System-in-Package (SIP)

System-in-Package (SIP)
Surface Mount Module

The ADI Advantage

The ADI Advantage

With over 40,000 of our own components, ADI’s Integrated Microwave Assembly design and manufacturing teams have a distinct advantage over the competition. Along with our market-released components, ADI retains a vast array of unreleased components for use in Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs), Line Replaceable Assemblies (LRUs) and Sub-systems. Our large portfolio of unreleased products are only available to our in-house module integrators. This gives us four distinct advantages:

  1. Performance is optimized. Devices can be screened, modified or created quickly and inexpensively to ensure optimal IMA performance.

  2. Technology insertion is streamlined. Our module designers help steer new component offerings and can ensure efficient upgrades for our customers.

  3. Counterfeit parts risks are mitigated. Critical components are our own, eliminating major risks. Any remaining 3rd party devices follow strict procurement guidelines.

  4. Obsolescence is under control. We can affordably set aside enough devices to handle almost any program’s needs.

In addition, ADI has thousands of packaged parts that are available on the open market, but are only available to ADI module designers in die form. This gives us a unique ability to optimize size, weight and performance. We also have the ability to create new application-specific die. We also utilize only the latest software tools available combined with seasoned experience in the manufacturing process that allows us to create designs that not only work, but are fully manufacturable on a large scale.

These advantages enable the IMA teams to be uniquely positioned to reduce size and improve performance on the most complex modules and subsystems. ADI’s integrated microwave assembly designers engage with our customers’ design teams to develop custom integrated microwave assemblies that are Ahead of What’s Possible.™

ADI Manufacturing and Test Abilities Include
  • ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 certified
  • Automatic hybrid assembly equipment, including:
    • Die inspect/pick
    • Die/substrate attach
    • Wire bond
  • IR reflow equipment for PCB-based assemblies
  • Automated digital product test to 40 Gbps
  • Automated RF, microwave, and millimeter wave product tests to 110 GHz
Benefits of partnering with Analog Devices
  • Decades of leadership in integrated solutions
  • Industry’s broadest component portfolio
  • Custom MMICs which enable highly-optimized solutions
  • Digital through millimeter-wave module experience
  • AS9100 aerospace certified quality management system
  • DOD cleared facility
  • Environmental controls (Class 100K, Class 100 Zones)
  • S20.20 ESD certification

Module Production, Reliability, and Quality Assurance

ADI’s module testing personnel are trained and equipped to accurately characterize digital and microwave modules for all parameters and for bands up to 110 GHz. We also maintain a complete environmental testing facility for acceleration, shock, vibration, gross and fine leak testing, temperature cycling, burn-in, and other factors.

ADI’s state-of-the-art ISO9001 and AS9100 manufacturing facilities meet the demands for highly integrated, cost-effective chip and wire and surface mount assemblies. In addition, our manufacturing and screening standards conform to MIL-PRF-38534/5 and MIL-STD-883.

We maintain Class 100,000 clean rooms for assembly and testing, as well as several Class 100 work areas devoted to testing and inspection of S-level products.

A History of Proven Innovation and Integration

A History of Proven Innovation and Integration

ADI’s Custom Module operation combines decades of leadership in integrated solutions with the industry’s broadest component portfolio. With over 50 years of aerospace and defense industry experience, we are uniquely positioned to create highly optimized standard or custom module solutions covering digital through millimeter wave applications.

With our component expertise, we can create perfectly tailored and highly reliable module solutions for your most challenging design requirements. Our ability to integrate on-chip, system-in-package and integrated microwave assemblies makes ADI uniquely qualified to help you attain the best performance, SWaP and reliability possible.