High Reliability Programs

High Reliability ProgramsAnalog Devices is the world’s leading supplier of high reliability semiconductors including data converters, amplifiers, RF/Microwave and MEMS products. With the broadest portfolio of robust and reliable products, ADI empowers our customers to develop advanced Aerospace and Defense systems that achieve the highest levels of performance while reducing size, weight, power and development time.

Our Enhanced Products (EP) Program provides a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for high reliability applications without additional cost and challenges of custom designed parts. Coming to Analog Devices for EP devices negates the need for custom screening. All ADI’s EP devices have an associated V62, Vendor Item Drawing registered with the DLA and in compliance with the AQEC.

The Power By Linear Military Plastics grade components have been incorporated within the Analog Device’s EP (Enhanced Products) Program, providing designers with an extensive range of COTS products suitable for the most demanding high-reliability applications.


Both EP and MP products provide guaranteed parametric performance over extended operating temperature range, usually –55 ºC to +125 ºC, or 150ºC junction temperature where applicable, detailed specifications are provided in a dedicated V62 vendor item drawing (VID) or ADI / LTC datasheet dependent on the individual product.



MP grade products have historically been offered with a choice of either SnPb or Matte Tin terminal finish while EP products have adopted NiPdAu finish. Demand and manufacturing options for SnPb component finishes are rapidly diminishing and so the ADI EP program will maintain NiPdAu as the preferred terminal finish for new products.

Enhanced Products Recommended Part List

ADI focuses efforts towards defense, avionics and aerospace with parts certified to the Aerospace Qualified Electronic Component (AQEC) standard which defines the minimum set of requirements provided by the manufacturer that will allow a COTS component to be designated by AQEC (GEIA-STD-0002-1).

These parts also have an associated V62 VID (vendor item drawing) under the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) and can be located under the Mil Specs search engine.

Full List of EP Offerings Currently Available

Enhanced Products Program Brochure

Analog Devices’ Enhanced Products (EP) Program offers a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for high reliability applications without the additional cost, challenges of custom designed parts, and need for custom screening. Our total quality philosophy emphasizes prevention over detection, while providing our customers with technology and service solutions for their ever-evolving needs.

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Unmanned and Remotely Piloted Systems Brochure

For over 50 years, Analog Devices has enabled our customers to develop advanced systems that achieve the highest levels of performance while reducing size, weight, power, system cost, and development time. Analog Devices provides a wide range of solutions for the unmanned systems market.

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High Reliability Components and Solutions Brochure

Analog Devices is delivering a wide range of commercially available and customized components that meet or exceed today’s most challenging design specifications in applications ranging from high performance aircraft to deep space probes to precision munitions and beyond.

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Space Grade Class S

ADI offers wide a range of Space Grade Class S products with extended temperature and radiation-tolerant operating ranges, as well as MIL-STD-883 and Know Good Die (KGD) products.

Export Classification

ADI products are controlled for exports for 1.) their performance as it compares to the export regulations or 2.) the operating temperature range. Technical data can also be controlled for export, even if your product is not. For information on whether or not your product is controlled for export, please check the export classification checklist for the technical parameters or the export classification list which is updated each month. For further assistance, please send an email to ExportComplianceDepartment@analog.com.

ADI Export Classification Information

End Markets



  • Fixed wing
  • Rotary wing
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle

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Missiles and Munitions

Missiles and Munitions

  • Ground to air
  • Small diameter bomb
  • IMU solutions

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  • Handheld and man pack radios
  • Search and rescue radios
  • UAV data links

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  • Fire control
  • Air traffic control
  • Search and track

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