Aerospace and Defense Applications

For over 50 years Analog Devices has been at the forefront of innovation in signal processing for Aerospace and Defense applications. ADI's commitment to performance, reliability and sustainability has made ADI a preferred supplier to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other US and  foreign Aerospace and defense agencies around the world. ADI is leading the way in many of the key initiatives currently facing the Aerospace and Defense industry including SWaP+C, COTS, Enhanced Products (EP) and GaN. Today's advanced Aerospace and Defense systems in radar, communications, avionics, defense electronics and much more demand the best in system level performance. ADI's superior products, expanded product portfolio and system level knowledge will help you overcome the most difficult of design challenges.

The Quality, Commitment and Confidence you Demand in a Supplier


Mobility, portability, and agility help to speed deployment of aerospace and defense systems and reduce the loads carried by warfighters and increases fuel efficiency of commercial aircraft.  Size, Weight and Power (SWaP+C) in addition to cost are important considerations when selecting design components and module subsystems.

Analog Devices offers components for a wide variety of signal chains from raw data acquisition to millimeter wave and back, with constant technology advancements to support SWaP.  One example is the investment in multiple manufacturing processes including Gallium Nitride (GaN), advanced SiGe and CMOS to enable higher power and increased integration and ever smaller footprints. Next generation and industry leading High Power Amplifiers (HPAs), integrated RF transceivers, ultra-wideband phase lock loops (PLLs) and synthesizers demonstrate ADI’s commitment to developing optimized SWaP+C technology for the Aerospace and Defense Market.

ADI in COTS and Custom Solutions

The use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTs) components and modules provides defense programs with an ability to reduce their development times and achieve faster time to market, and speeding deployment of solutions to the warfighter. ADI offers both commercial and custom solutions, to meet the wide range of aerospace and defense needs.

Optimizing for Aerospace and Defense Systems

COTS advantages include the use of lower cost components whose fabrication processes and reliability in high quantities are strongly established in the commercial world and can be ruggedized or connectorized for defense applications. ADI's focus in aerospace and defense ensures that the next generation devices include specific features and functions to meet the next generation of aerospace and defense systems.

Analog Devices is Committed to the Success of Our Aerospace Partners

ADI offers 50 years of technology advancements and experience from raw die form, to high-speed components and connectorized parts for rapid prototyping, to modules for integration/customization, to specialized subsystem level design and manufacturing. As technologies advance, ADI remains invested in supporting the long-term needs of our aerospace/defense customers. Some of our offerings include custom screening, pin-to-pin replacements for technology refresh, and enhanced plastic and hermetic packaging for rugged environments.

Our Aerospace/Defense partners benefit through knowledge sharing—of ADI’s next generation technology roadmaps and of our customers’ design, performance, life-cycle, procurement and insertion needs. ADI’s dedication to these strong relationships empowers designers and program managers from new design product selection to planning for future upgrades.

ADI in Quality Hi-Rel

ADI is the world’s leading supplier of high reliability (Hi-Rel) semiconductors including data converters, amplifiers, RF/Microwave and MEMS products. Our Hi-Rel portfolio provides products in enhanced plastic (EP) packages and/or Space Grade Class S with extended temperature and radiation-tolerant operating ranges. ADI also offer wide range of MIL-STD-883, and Know Good Die (KGD) products. The Aerospace and Defense business unit continues to investment in high reliability semiconductors for these critical aerospace and defense applications. ADI’s long term commitment, quality, long life-cycle support and reputation have made ADI a preferred supplier to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) allied nation defense agencies and commercial aerospace manufacturers around the world.

ADI in GaN

ADI is focused on developing industry leading power amplifier solutions for Aerospace and Defense. Employing state-of-the-art Gallium Nitride (GaN) processes and advanced power combining techniques, ADI provides broadband MMICs and High Power Amplifier (HPA) assemblies for next generation radar and communications systems. The high junction temperature of GaN devices means less cooling is needed to operate within frequency, life and bandwidth specifications.

ADI optimizes products for performance over a wide range of frequencies ranging from S-band through Ka. ADI has a long history and years of experience with mounting die and cooling, as well as biasing and combining techniques, to provide the highest performance and most reliable GaN amplifier solutions.

Solutions for Today’s GaN Challenges

Power efficiency and thermal management are key challenges for next generation radar and communications systems focused on Active Electronically Scanned Phased Arrays (AESA) and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) architectures. The benefits of GaN help to improve radar sensitivity and reliability while also providing system level benefits such as lower Size, Weight, Power and cost (SWaP+C).  Additional benefits include increased system flexibility to support multi-function requirements and the addition of multiple frequency band elements.  ADI’s GaN MMIC portfolio provides comprehensive power efficient broadband solutions supporting up to 100 W from VHF through Ka band.  Our solid state GaN amplifier/combiner solutions provide smaller footprint and higher reliability up to 18GHz and can serve as replacements for larger Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) amplifiers.

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Enhanced Products

ADI is committed to releasing new Enhanced Product (EP) devices in key areas in support of Aerospace and Defense customers. While ADI continues to convert existing components to enhanced products, ADI will incorporate EP requirements into new designs. Targeted devices will be chosen based on Aerospace and Defense customer requests and market alignment. As part of the EP process Die will be qualified over the temperature range from -55°C to +125°C or -55°C to +105°C and assembled on ADI’s zero defects assembly flow. Lead finishes will be NiPdAu by default which addresses tin whiskering concerns. These devices are manufactured on a controlled baseline including one assembly site, one test site, and one fabrication site. A separate EP datasheet can be easily identified on the applicable product page.

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