Fast 1.5-Micron Multiplier and Multiplier/Accumulators

Advanced CMOS Process for High Speed and Low Dissipation in 3 New DSP Chips; Example: ADSP-1010AK 16 × 16 MAC has 95 ns max Cycle Time, 200 mW max Dissipation

Analog Devices has just intorduced three new CMOS integrated circuits for digital signal-processing (DSP), the ADSP-1010A 16 × 16-bit Multiplier/Accumulator (MAC), the ADSP-1016A 16 × 16 Multiplier, and the ADSP-1008A 8 × 8 MAC.

Fabricated with an improved proprietary 1.5-micron process, they are the first in a new series designed to replace earlier ADSP models (without the "A" suffix), while providing more than twice the specified speed of the corresponding devices. Read full article