Analog Signal-Conditioning ICs Take Two Giant Steps

AD524: Low-Drift-and-Noise Wideband IC In-Amp with Pin-Programmable Gains; AD594: Monolithic Thermocouple Amplifier with Ice-Point Reference and Alarm

Monolithic technology is making ever deeper inroads into low-level analog signal conditioning: now it is less necessary than ever for the instrumentation and systems engineer ot be concerned with details of circuit design. The make-vs.-by decision continues to be tilted towards "buy" by the evolution of new generations of cost-effective monolithic signal-conditioning products. Read full article



Scott Wurcer


Moshe Gerstenhaber

Moshe Gerstenhaber is a division fellow at Analog Devices. He began his career at ADI in 1978 and has held various senior positions over the years in manufacturing, product engineering, and product design. Moshe is currently the design manager of the Integrated Amplifier Products Group. He has made significant contributions in the field of amplifier design, especially very-high-precision specialty amplifiers such as instrumentation and difference amplifiers.