Quality Systems

Analog Devices uses a zero defect approach to deliver the highest quality solutions to our customers. We engage with our customers early throughout the development process and employ a disciplined approach for building in quality and reliability from product conception through release. Utilizing our globally managed, regionally deployed Quality Management Systems, teams and advanced analysis labs, ADI can ensure the highest level of responsiveness to customer quality needs that meet or exceed internationally recognized standards.

Post-Sales Support

Customer Quality Support

Customer Quality Teams are the primary interface to customers ensuring high levels of responsiveness to customer quality needs and serving as customer advocates within the organization. These teams are the cornerstone of our customer focused global Quality organization.  ADI has deployed Customer Quality Teams in each of the major regions across the globe. Regional Teams include: Americas, Europe, Japan, China& Asia-Pacific. These organizations supplement in-region Sales and Applications Teams and have responsibility to provide full product quality life cycle support.

To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, ADI utilizes regionally deployed teams for Failure Analysis, Applications Support, and Customer Quality Interface to provide expedited response on customer issues and queries. At ADI, hearing the voice of the customer is not only important during the product development and production phase but also during the post-sales period. 

Customer Technical Support

ADI provides live customer support/application assistance. Support is provided on a regional basis.  

To quickly connect with our experienced application engineers please choose your location at the following site on one of the four regional Customer Interaction Centers from the map.

For Sales inquiries, please contact our Sales and Distribution.

For Quality inquiries, please contact https://support.analog.com/en-US/technical-support/create-case-qa/.

Issue Resolution

ADI utilizes the 8D (8 Discipline) method for issue resolution , with over one hundred certified 6 sigma green belt and black belts trained and ready around the globe.  ADI’s comprehensive approach to issue resolution is supported by strong information systems to ensure quick and effective containment.  

Failure verification and analysis is performed at advanced labs in Asia, Europe, and North America.  Our quality and engineering teams work with customers to identify and permanently eliminate root cause of failures.  Using the 8D process, ADI ensures corrective actions and preventive actions are identified, verified, and fully deployed.   Achieving “Zero Defects” for shipped products is the goal for ADI. 

Returning Product for Failure Analysis

A request for Failure Analysis must be made through the same channels that you purchased the parts from (your Analog Devices authorized distributors or sales offices). They will assist you in filling out the necessary form and expediting the issue resolution process. Further details can be found in AN-1280: Customer Collaboration with Failure Analysis Requests. (pdf)

Authorized Sales Channels

ADI provides full support on our products purchased through ADI-authorized distributors and sales offices, including quality, reliability, failure analysis, and applications support.

ADI cannot determine the origin or legitimacy of products procured through brokers or other non-authorized sources. We cannot provide warranty coverage or any quality, reliability, failure analysis, applications, or other support on such products. ADI will neither accept returns nor provide credit on products that have been purchased from brokers or other non-authorized sources. Recent articles in semiconductor industry publications have reported the availability of used, damaged, and counterfeit products on the broker market. The leading reason that customers experience IC failures is because the products have been purchased from non-authorized sources. Non-authorized sources often sell products which may have been improperly handled/stored or may be counterfeits. For more details, please see the SIA Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force Whitepaper. Therefore, to ensure you are receiving unused, authentic ADI product, and to take full advantage of the industry-leading reliability levels of ADI’s products, please ensure all purchases are made through the ADI authorized distributors and sales offices.

SIA Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force Whitepaper (pdf)

Reprinted in accordance with SIA policy.