Analog Devices Names Two Fellows for Outstanding Technical Achievement and Leadership

May 20 2019 - Norwood, MA
  • Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has awarded Khiem Nguyen and Ron Kapusta the title of Analog Devices Fellow, a distinguished technical position given to engineers who contribute significantly to the company’s success through exceptional innovation, leadership and an unparalleled ability to unite and mentor others. In addition to their business and innovation impact, Analog Devices Fellows serve as company ambassadors and are recognized as industry leaders in their fields of expertise.

    Khiem Nguyen joined Analog Devices nearly 24 years ago after earning a BSEE and MSEE from the University of Toronto. Khiem held his first position on the digital audio team where he helped pioneer several ADI technologies. Khiem later took on a new challenge in the MEMs organization where he currently holds the position of ASIC Design Manager. Khiem is known for his enthusiasm as a teacher, mentor, and motivator – evidenced through his contributions across ADI. His reputation as an industry ambassador is reflected in the external publication of 20 major technical papers.

    Ron Kapusta joined Analog Devices in 2002 after completing his MEng and BSEE degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ron started as a circuit designer focusing on analog-to-digital converters and imaging chips, and is currently working on system-level solutions for LIDAR. He has worked in distinctly different technologies and has made significant contributions in each area, with 31 patents issued and another 11 pending. Ron serves as a mentor across several engineering groups and is known for his ability to simplify explanations to complicated technical topics. He also serves on several conference committees, peer reviewing industry papers and presentations and coordinating internal workshops.

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