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recalm has the vision to improve your quality of life by making noise disappear. recalm aims to be the leading company for active noise cancelling (ANC) and road noise cancelling (RNC) solutions in the free field, from off-highway machines to aviation and automobile industries. Our own product ANCOR serves as agile hardware-as-a-service platform for fast proof of concepts for all kinds of audio applications (e.g. hands free with beamforming, acoustic maintenance).

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Marc von Eling
We combine profound knowledge in audio design and active noise control algorithms with retrofit hardware (mounted on a headrest versus plugged in/put on ears). recalm enables noise cancellation without using headphones of up to 500Hz compared to 200 Hz achievable by competing solutions. We are the first company providing a retrofit solution for active noise control. Our ANC/RNC software can be sold individually and adapted to your needs.

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