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Logosent Semiconductors develops DSP System Generation Platforms that significantly reduce Time-To-Market and efforts for DSP System developers. The GUI based Logosent SParrow® software has HDL/C++ libraries that support various ADC/DAC boards and industry standard FPGA boards, along with high-performance DSP components. The company also provides support for realization of systems that require HDL IPs and Software algorithms for signal capture, processing and generation on FPGA platforms.

Region Supported:
  • Europe
  • India
  • The Americas
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Tony Thomas
The Logosent SParrow® software helps bridge the RTL and software development efforts required to get the interface HDL IPs and the driver code for ADI’s converter boards integrated with rest of the system. Using SParrow® GUI, the users can drag-and-drop library components for the ADI boards, connect their input/output logical pins to other DSP components targeting FPGA based systems and generate code. The SParrow® software also enables easy generation and integration of DSP RTL/C++ algorithms.

  • Hardware Design
  • Algorithm / Intellectual Property
  • System Design
  • Training
  • Tools / Software / Drivers / Embedded
  • Software Design
  • Board / Module / SubSystem
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Automation Technology (IAT)
  • Instrumentation & Measurement