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Elevear develops break-through technologies for hearables, headsets and hearing aids. Their focus is excellence in audio and speech perception for consumers. The Occlear® technology of Elevear solves the unnatural own-voice perception caused by the occlusion effect in closed hearing devices using a unique and patented active algorithm approach. Elevear is a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

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Elevear’s Occlear® technology solves the occlusion effect, which is one of the most prominent problems in hearables, headset and hearing aid products. Closing the ear canal amplifies all body conducted sounds, such as the own voice, chewing, swallowing or footsteps, and result in muffled and unnatural sound. Occlear® solves this problem by an active approach and provides users a natural perception of their own-voice and surrounding sounds, even with fully closed hearables.

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