DSP Algorithms

DSP ALGORITHMS provides reliable, proven, award winning signal processing solutions suitable for many audio and speech applications including audio and video conferencing, speech enhancement, noise reduction, echo cancellation, level control, acoustic feedback cancellation, microphone arrays, active noise and vibration control, and many more. Our solutions are widely used in commercial audio as well as consumer electronics markets.

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  • Europe
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  • Japan
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John Garas
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We provide our solutions as licensable software modules or as complete hardware+firmware systems - As licensable software modules, all our solutions are available as libraries for the SHARC and BLACKFIN processors - As complete systems, we offer the OCEAN-ADSP214xx and the OCEAN-BF592 systems. Both platforms implement multi- microphone conference appliance solution and can function as a stand-alone product or can be plugged into existing product to add conferencing capabilities.

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  • Algorithm / Intellectual Property
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