BG Networks, Inc.

BG Networks is an IoT cybersecurity software company. We're solving the big problem that most IoT devices are deploying without the cybersecurity they need. To do this, we make implementing cybersecurity easy on processors such as ADI's SHARC family. Our security automation tools enable embedded software programmers to add cybersecurity features even if they don't have a background in cybersecurity. We also offer complementary cybersecurity engineering consulting services.

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Colin Duggan
BG Networks' tools are like Turbo Tax but for IoT cybersecurity. They take a user, step by step, through various cybersecurity considerations. Questions are presented with context and help. Answers will enable security features in code and processors. This includes secure boot, extension of a root of trust, encryption of data, and secure OTA. To complement our automation tools, we offer cybersecurity engineering consulting services.

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