AZCOM Technology s.r.l.

Azcom Technology provides engineering services for software development, digital hardware and radio design. Azcom brings unique combination of expertise in signal processing and radio engineering for communication systems development, especially for 5G, 4G, NB-Iot. Radio design expertise include compact radio sub-systems, RRH and complex DFEs for smart antenna systems. Azcom provides both access and core products for LTE, NB-Iot networks and is engaged in developing 5G DU and RU sub-systems

Region Supported:
  • China
  • Europe
  • India
  • The Americas
  • Japan
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Strada 2, pal. C3
Assago (MI)
Primary Contact
Massimo Pofi
Azcom has an experienced and competent team for radio design. Azcom has been involved in design of remote radio heads and complex DFEs for smart antenna systems using Analog Devices transceiver and discrete ADC/DAC SoC. Azcom brings to the eco system a complete product design expertise consisting of signal processing, embedded software, digital hardware and radio engineering. Azcom has designed, and commercializes LTE, NB-Iot eNodeBs and is engaged in development of 5G DU and RU.

  • Hardware Design
  • Algorithm / Intellectual Property
  • System Design
  • Tools / Software / Drivers / Embedded
  • Software Design
  • Board / Module / SubSystem
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Communications
  • Industrial Automation Technology (IAT)
  • Energy
  • Healthcare