About Alliances

The Alliances program is designed to combine our strengths with an ecosystem of partners who have complementary capabilities and solutions. Alliances helps you leverage your strengths with a searchable, online partner database that can be filtered by region, market, product, and capabilities. We help you understand the design and development landscape, and provide a structured way to interact with experts at Analog Devices and with Alliances partners. Members can also work with our sales team to review and refine options, and then bring in partners aligned to your needs.

Benefits and Requirements


Benefit Value
Profile on Analog.com Promote Relationship
Use of Alliances program logo
Joint marketing request process
Access to sales force
Product updates Insider Knowledge
Early access to select unreleased products
Select Product Roadmaps
Select access to FAE training
Introductions to application experts


  • ADI Sponsor for annual renewal
  • Current Mutual NDA
  • Annual activity with Analog Devices
  • Adherence to use of Analog Devices logo guidelines

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Note: You will need a MyAnalog account before completing the application. If you already have an account, you will be prompted to sign in before accessing the application form. Once you have completed the short application you will be guided through the next steps in becoming a member.



How do I apply? How long is the application process?


Completing the online application takes about 10 minutes to complete (must be completed within 20 minutes). Once we receive your application, we’ll notify you if we have questions or need additional information. You’ll be notified if your application has been approved or denied; this may take up to a couple weeks – usually sooner.

What is required to join?


A completed application, approval from your proposed sponsor, and a current NDA. If you don’t currently have a relationship with Analog Devices but believe you have value to our mutual customers, please send a message to Alliances@analog.com to discuss possible candidates as sponsors. To maintain membership you will need to engage with Analog Devices or a mutual customer on an annual basis, and get approval to renew from your sponsor.

Are members exclusive to Analog Devices?


No, we want to create an environment where our partners can work together and with us to find the best solutions. We believe Analog Devices’ products will stand on their own merits.

How are partners qualified?


Given the complexities of all parties’ technologies, potential partners must have an Analog Devices employee as a sponsor. The sponsor decides if the applicant would complement our efforts and those of current Alliances partners.

How does this compare with other partner efforts from Analog Devices?


The Alliances program supports relationships from all partner types, geographies, and capabilities and acts as a framework to manage our relationship to best support our diverse customer base. Analog Devices also has some technology-specific and regional programs that have been optimized to serve a segment of our customers. As appropriate, we encourage partners to participate in multiple programs. Being an Alliances member only improves the experience for all stakeholders and, as a member, the team and your sponsor can help you explore other programs.

How do I find the right partner?


Alliances members can search for partners by region, capability, and other criteria, but we recommend that you also work with your Analog Devices salesperson. They can assist you in contacting and evaluating members to find the best fit for you.

A company I might work with/am working with is not an Alliances member. Should I be concerned?


We don’t discourage you from working with partners you believe are aligned to your needs, but we hope that you would ask they consider joining Alliances. The program will provide advantages that will also benefit you by helping them better understand our technology.

What if I have questions about a specific partner?


Contact Alliances@analog.com and copy your local Analog Devices salesperson.

Other questions or feedback on the program?


Partner FAQ

Are there any fees?


How will I know if I’m approved?


How will I know if I’m approved? You’ll receive an email from the Alliances Team typically within two weeks of submitting your online application—sooner if your sponsor has already been in contact with the team as this is often the gating item.

Do partners receive special pricing?


No, pricing for our products is market-driven. Due to a combination of their capabilities and access to Analog Devices’ products and employees, our partners may create solutions that offer more value that can be passed onto our mutual customers.

How do I update my company profile?


Log in to MyAnalog. You can then update your profile in the Members Lounge. The process to upload your logo is included on the profile.

How do other employees gain access to the Members Lounge?


Go to MyAnalog and create an account. Membership allows any individual with the same email domain to have access to the Members Lounge. We expect you to have a diverse set of functions covering many locations as part of your relationship with ADI. The lounge allows 24/7 access to ADI around the globe.

What items can I post on my profile?


To support search capabilities, we require your profile in a standard format, including a link to your site to allow customers to fully understand your company and relationship with Analog Devices. Over time this will expand to allow for optimized search and descriptions of your capabilities and solutions.

What marketing resources are available to me?


You can request any form of joint marketing within the members’ lounge. ADI has a broad set of activities spanning social media, online, events and trade shows, and other local efforts. Our partners often bring increased customer value and we are open to any and all requests, but due to real-world limitations we may not be able to support everyone so we encourage our members to be proactive.

Who should be my ADI sponsor?


If you are a local design services company, consider your local Analog Devices field sales representative. If you are a partner who develops complementary products, consider a product marketing or applications manager.

How can I learn about unreleased products?


The Members Lounge provides lots of information that your engineering and marketing team can use. If you don’t find what you are looking for or if you have a specific question, contact us at alliances@analog.com.

How can I learn about what events ADI is participating in?


The Members Lounge provides information on most events. If you don’t find what you are looking for or if you have a specific question, contact us at alliances@analog.com.

How does Analog Devices and your customers learn about my complementary offerings?


Members have profiles that allow you to talk about your company capabilities and how to contact you. Our members can also create content for our sales force, as well as contribute content that may be included on analog.com. We also encourage joint sales and marketing activities.

Where do I go for help?


For assistance, contact alliances@analog.com.

Other questions?


If you don’t find what you are looking for or if you have a specific question, contact us at alliances@analog.com.