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Healthcare Ventilator Systems

Modern ventilators are electromechanical systems designed to supply a seamless and precise mixture of regulated air-oxygen supply levels, providing all or partial breathing assistance to patients at specified pressure and volume. Today’s medical ventilator systems need precise measurement of pressure, air flow, humidity, and temperature, along with reliable protection to ensure continuous operation.


Value and Benefits

We offer a wide and innovative range of discrete and integrated precision sensing, power solutions, and high-performance motor control to ensure precision-driven and patient-centric air-oxygen mixture sensing and control. These systems orchestrate precise airway management and air-oxygen delivery, mitigating errors while amplifying treatment accuracy. Our high-performance microcontrollers, protection systems, consumable authentication, and communication interface solutions enhance safety features, real-time connectivity, remote supervision, and data-derived insights, and allows for the streamlining of critical care delivery, improving patient care, and reducing healthcare workload.

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Enhances safety features

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Streamlines critical care delivery

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Offers patient-centric air-oxygen mixture sensing and control

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