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AI Accelerator Solutions

Analog Devices has power management solutions for AI accelerators from the data center to the edge, with industry-leading solutions that enable high-performance hardware accelerator design.


Value and Benefits

Our multiphase power conversion and point-of-load (POL) products deliver high efficiency and high power density, while our power monitors and precision temperature measurement products provide high-accuracy fuel gauging and insights to improve power management. We also offer DC-to-DC power conversion solutions for various AI accelerator applications. Our multiphase controller and integrated power stage solutions allow our customers to address the most stringent dynamic requirements when solving power challenges around AI, ML ASICs, and processors. Finally, our Silent Switcher™ and coupled inductor technologies bring new levels of performance for synchronous step-down converters.

Together with 2 MHz or more switching frequency options, advanced packaging solutions, high efficiency, and ultralow EMI, these combined technologies offer compact and low-EMI power solutions.

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High efficiency and power density

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Ultralow EMI

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Advanced packaging solutions




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