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Our solutions for the electric powertrain consist of three main systems: the traction inverter (or e-drive), the on-board charging system (OBC), and the DC-to-DC converter. By leveraging new, wideband gap devices such as silicon carbide (SiC) power switches, Analog Devices’ solutions are enabling higher-range EVs and supporting the OEMs’ ability to satisfy demands with competitive cost structures.


Value and Benefits

Our inverter and e-motors system solutions leverage gate drivers, amplifiers, isolation, power management, and RDC to enable high system efficiency and longer vehicle ranges, system robustness, fast protection, and a simpler safety design journey.

Our OBC system and DC-DC conversion solutions utilize power conversion stages, power management and digital isolation to deliver high operational safety and overload protection, high efficiency, small system size, and reduced BOM.

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Enables longer vehicle range

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Offers exceptional energy efficiency

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Achieves functional and operational safety




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