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Space Technology Solutions

With more than 50 years of experience in space technology, Analog Devices’ innovations cover the full trajectory of space missions. Our broad portfolio, from traditional to commercial space, helps you optimize your mission cost for the desired level of radiation reliability. We offer highly integrated phased-array, software-defined solutions, and low-voltage high-current power management.


Value and Benefits

We create solutions that offer innovative possibilities, from greater connectivity to preventing and assessing potential risks.

Ubiquitous Connectivity: Intelligently optimized beams will provide global internet access and improved performance across markets and applications ranging from IoT and blockchain to video streaming, remote surgery, and M2M connectivity. This connectivity will grant access to previously unobtainable information and innovation for millions across the globe.

Earth Observation: The continuous monitoring and greater resolution provided by advanced radar and imaging technology will drive machine learning to detect severe weather and seismic activity earlier, preventing the tragic loss of life. In addition, monitoring environmental shifts brought on by climate change will help document, predict, and prevent its impact on agriculture, wildlife, weather, and the future of humanity.

Situational Awareness: Innovations in radar, inertial sensing, and data conversion will enable real-time satellite monitoring to track vehicles, people, and other assets with accuracy. Informed decisions from this data will help avert potential risk or harm in any event.

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Creates greater connectivity with improved performance

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Allows earlier detection of weather systems and environmental risks

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Enables real-time, high-accuracy satellite monitoring







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