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      Energizing Grid Modernization: Elgama, Gridspertise, and Aidon at Enlit’23

      Enlit Europe 2023 brought together key players from the energy industry to focus on the challenges and uncertainties of the energy transition and present new opportunities for driving the future.

      Analog Devices interviewed three innovative company leaders at the forefront of the energy transition to discuss pathways to accelerate grid modernization—ranging from distributed energy resource management to grid digitization, smart metering to the rise of prosumers, and much more.

      A critical takeaway from the conversation is the role edge processing plays in adding intelligence to the grid—by enabling real-time data and insights, localized decision-making, and information ecosystems to empower a smarter, more efficient, and more resilient grid. Learn how ADI’s solutions simplify complexities across energy conversions, energy management, and energy storage to help accelerate grid modernization. Discover how ADI’s collaboration with global customers is helping to add intelligence at the edge of the energy grid.

      Featured Participants:

      • Andrew Waller, Director, Energy–EMEA, Analog Devices
      • Nerijus Kruopis, CTO, Elgama
      • Shalini Palmer, Corporate VP EMEA, Analog Devices
      • Gianni Ceneri, CTO, Gridspertise
      • Nitin Sharma, General Manager, Sustainable Energy, Analog Devices
      • Tomi Kyllonen, CTO, Aidon

      Featured Video Segments:

      Smart Metering, Billing Accuracy, Evolution of Energy as a Service

      ADI and Elgama discuss the evolution of energy as a service, how investment on both sides of the meter is changing, and the rise of prosumers. Smart metering enabling billing accuracy is paramount, along with addressing total cost of ownership, flexibility in the market, and low cost energy generation. Cooperation between companies and new business models is key to the future of the grid.

      Grid Digitalization and Real-Time Data Insights

      ADI and Gridspertise discuss grid digitalization and the role of real-time data insights and localized decision-making for energy management and substation intelligence. Key observations are made about the global energy transition, its evolution, and the challenges facing emerging countries.

      Evolving Nature of the Energy Management Ecosystem

      ADI and Aidon discuss power quality monitoring, distributed energy resource integration, and smart energy management. Real-time data and insights are critically needed across the grid to see what is happening and to react quickly. Because of rapidly evolving technology and growing ecosystem complexities, no one company can be an expert in all areas. Partnerships are vital for cocreation, codevelopment, and coinvention.