Test Digital and Linear ICs with LTS-2000 Test Systems

LTS-2500 Family Board Adds Digital Test Capability to ADI Benchtop Testers; Test MOS and Bipolar SSI & MSI Logic Devices with up to 24 Digital Pins

At one stroke, the LTS-2500 Digital Device Family Board has added a new dimension to LTS-2000 Series Test Systems, extending their test capabilities to TTL and CMOS devices, as well as the standard repertoire of ADCs, DACs, and linears (e.g. op amps, comparators, timers, and regulators). As the first benchtop test systems able to test both linear and digital devices, the LTS-2000, LTS-2010, LTS-2012, and LTS-2015 now save time and effort for the many users who must test both types of device—by providing a common mainframe, software, and system philosophy, plus a nominal increment of dedicated hardware and software. Read full article



David Laing