DSP Family Adds 3.3 V Operation

ADSP-2172 augments existing 2-K programs RAM and 2-K data memory. ADSP2173 has 20 MIPS with 10-MHz crystal at 3.3 V

The ADSP-2171, ADSP-2172, and ADSP-2173 are single chip microcomputers optimized for digital signal processing (DSP) and other high-speed numeric processing operations. The first of this family was the ADSp-2171 (Analog Dialogue 28-1, 1994); it is being used for such applications as algorithm signal-processing for speech coding and soft-decision equalizing in GSM baseband processing—as well as low-delay code-excited linear prediction (LD-CELP), echo cancellation, and call processing for telephony. Read full article