The Complete General-Purpose 12-Bit D/A Converter

Monolithic AD667 has Voltage Output, Linearity to 1/2-LSB over Temperature; Internal Reference, 3-µs max Settling, Double-Buffered µP-Compatible Input

The evolution of high-linearity 12-bit digital-to-analog converters in integrated-circuit form has constitued a long, arduous climb. Significant landmarks on the bipolar-technology route were the AD550 quad switches (1970), the AD562 two-chip current-output DAC (1974), the AD565 internal-reference monolithic DAC (1978), the AD567 double-buffered current-output DAC (1982), and –now–the summit has been reached, in the form of the AD667, a completely self-contained monolithic device which does not require a single support component to perform its function. Read full article



Doug Grant


Steve Lewis