3 New 4-DAC DIPS: 8- and 12-Bit Quad D/A Converters

Monolithic AD7225: Four 8-Bit DACs, Double-Buffered, Separate Reference Inputs; 12-Bit Hybrid AD394: Four 4-Quadrant Multiplying DACs; AD395: Four Two-Quadrant M-DACs

The world's first families of self-contained quad DACs, four voltage-output DACs in an IC package, originated with the 4 × 12-bit AD390, in 1982 (Analog Dialogue 16-3), and the 4 × 8-bit monolithic AD7226, in 1983 (17-2). A quad DAC basically consists of 4 addressable d/a converters with independent voltage outputs on a silicon chip or hybrid substrate; in these early models, all DACs shared a common reference. Read full article



Bill Gotschewski


Paschal Minogue