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Documentation Errata

Chapter: / Page 37

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Footnote 1 of Table 27, Maximum Duty Cycle for Input Transient Voltage, mistakenly omits the EXT_WAKE0 signal. The complete footnote is:

1 Applies to all signal balls with the exception of CLKIN, XTAL, EXT_WAKE0, VROUT/EXT_WAKE1, SCL, SDA, USB_DP, USB_DM, and USB_VBUS.

Chapter: / Page 42

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Add the following section to the data sheet.

Timer Clock Timing

Switching Characteristic = tTODP: Timer Output Update Delay After PPI_CLK High = 12 ns Max

Use the timing diagram from the ADSP-BF534/ADSP-BF536/ADSP-BF537 data sheet.

There are also three timing specifications (tTIS, tTIH, and tTOD ) that are missing in Table 39 (Timer Cycle Timing) on page 48. Additionally the unit of measure has changed.

Replace the current table with the following table.

Timer Cycle Timing
Parameter VDDEXT = 1.8 V VDDEXT = 2.5 V/3.3 Unit
Min Max Min Max
Timing Characteristics
tWL Timer Pulse Width Input Low1 1 x tSCLK 1 x tSCLK ns
tWH Timer Pulse Width Input High1 1 x tSCLK 1 x tSCLK ns
tTIS Timer Input Setup Time Before CLKOUT Low2 8.0 6.5 ns
tTIH Timer Input Hold Time After CLKOUT Low2 1.5 1.5 ns
Switching Characteristics
tHTO Timer Pulse Width Output 1 x tSCLK (232 - 1) x tSCLK 1 x tSCLK (232 - 1) x tSCLK ns
tTOD Timer Output Update Delay After CLKOUT High 7.5 6.5 ns

(1) The minimum pulse widths apply for TMRx input pins in width capture and external clock modes. They also apply to the PF1 or PPI_CLK input pins in PWM output mode.

(2) Either a valid setup and hold time or a valid pulse width is sufficient. There is no need to resynchronize programmable flag inputs.

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