1. Data Sheet Errata

Documentation Errata for ADSP-218x DSP Hardware Reference

Chapter: 1 / Page 23

Doc ID: DOC-573


In the Preface, the European Fax number is incorrect. Use +49-89-76903-157 instead.

In the Preface, the IP address of the FTP server is no longer valid. Use instead.

Chapter: 5 / Page 31

Doc ID: DOC-462


Add the following statement to the first paragraph on page 5-31:

Program the SPORT registers prior to loading data values into the SPORT buffers for companding to execute properly.

Chapter: 7 / Page 17

Doc ID: DOC-465


In table 7-6, the pins DT0 and DT1 are incorrectly shown. The Reset State column for Pin Names DT0 and DT1/FO should be Hi-Z instead of O.

Chapter: 7 / Page 47

Doc ID: DOC-464


In first paragraph of section "Ending Powerdown with the RESET Pin", change the second sentence to the following:

"A boot is performed if the MMAP pin is set to 0 for the ADSP-2181 and ADSP-2183 processors or the MODE B pin is set to 0 for all other ADSP-218x processors."

Chapter: 9 / Page 28

Doc ID: DOC-463


Change the number of the figure in section DMA Port Functional Description to the following: Figure 9-12:General IDMA Transfer Flow Chart

Last Update Date: 2017-05-08