Monolithic Sample-Hold Amplifiers

2 New Devices Achieve 12-Bit Performance, Low Cost of AD582KH May End "Do-It-Yourself" Lashups

The AD582 and AD583 are two new monolithic integrated-circuit sample-hold amplifiers. Both are self-contained, except for the externally-connected hold capacitor, CH, which is chosen by the user for the best compromise between speed of acquisition-and-tracking, and error magnitudes in holdRead full article



David Kress

David Kress拥有美国麻省理工学院的土木工程学士学位(BSCE)和硕士学位(MSCE)。他原先从事医疗电子设备设计工作,后于1972年加入ADI公司,担任IC设计师。 多年来,他从事过模拟芯片设计、晶圆制造工程、新产品开发和管理。多年来,David领导着ADI公司的技术支持团队,在2018年退休之前曾担任技术营销总监。


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