Monolithic IC RMS-to-DC Converter

AD536K Laser-Trimmed to 0.2% Max Error; Needs No User Adjustment; Operates on Single or Dual Supply; dB and Linear Outputs Provided

The AD536 is the industry's first monolithic rms-to-dc converter. It permits the true-rms value of complex wideband ac and dc signals to be measured with errors less than 0.2% of reading ±2mV without external trim circuits. Its bandwidth, for signals greater than 0.1V rms, is 20kHz, for the above accuracy, and 100kHz for –3dB. Read full article



Lew Counts

Barrie Gilbert

Barrie Gilbert

Barrie Gilbert, the first ADI Fellow, has “spent a lifetime in the pursuit of analog elegance.” He joined Analog Devices in 1972, was appointed ADI Fellow in 1979, and manages the Northwest Labs in Beaverton, Oregon. Barrie was born in Bournemouth, England, in 1937. Before joining ADI, he worked with first-generation transistors at SRDE in 1954, and at Mullard, Ltd.; later at Tektronix and Plessey Research Labs. Barrie is an IEEE Fellow (1984) and has received numerous awards. He has some 50 issued patents, has authored about 40 papers, is coauthor of several books, and is a reviewer for several journals. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering from Oregon State University in 1997.

Dave Kress

David Kress拥有美国麻省理工学院的土木工程学士学位(BSCE)和硕士学位(MSCE)。他原先从事医疗电子设备设计工作,后于1972年加入ADI公司,担任IC设计师。多年来,David领导着ADI公司的技术支持团队,目前担任技术营销总监。