Monolithic Analog Trigonometric Function Generator

AD639 Computes SIN, COS, TAN, Plus Reciprocal, Inverse, and Offset Functions; Complete and Self-Contained; SINE and COSINE Accuracy Specified over ±360°

The AD639 is an analog "trigonometric microsystem" on a single silicon chip, packaged in a 16-pin DIP. From a differential voltage input, representing an angle, (20mV/°), it can be pin-programmed to generate a voltage output, accurately determined by any of the standard functions—sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent—as well as some lesser-known variants, such as the versine and exsecant, plus a corresponding set of inverse functions. Read full article


Barrie Gilbert

Barrie Gilbert

Barrie Gilbert是首位ADI院士,他“付出了毕生精力追求模拟技术的真谛。”他于1972年加入ADI公司,于1979年获封ADI院士,负责管理位于俄勒冈州比佛顿的西北实验室。Barrie于1937年出生于英国伯恩茅斯。在加入ADI公司之前,1954年,他在SRDE工作,研发第一代晶体管,之后加盟Mullard, Ltd.;后来还曾在Tektronix和Plessey研究实验室工作。Barrie是一名IEEE院士(1984年),一生获奖无数。他拥有约50项专利,发表过约40篇论文,与人合作出版多本著作,还是几家期刊的评审人。1997年,他获得了美国俄勒冈州立大学颁发的工程荣誉博士学位。