Fast, Accurate BiFET Op Amp Settles to 0.01% in 900 ns max

AD774C Slews at 75 V/μs, Has 0.0003% Total Harmonic Distortion; Offset is 250 μV max, with 3 μV/°C max Drift and 50 pA max Ib

Op-amp users have often had to compromise between the desired ac performance characteristics: short settling time, fast slew rate, minimal overshoot and ringing; the required dc specifications; minimal offset voltage, drift with temperature, and input bias current; and low power consumption. This technical trade off is now made much less of a dilemma: the AD744 op amp uses BiFET technology, innovative design, laser trimming, and ion-implanted JFETs to achieve outstanding ac and dc performance in a monolithic device. Read full article



Kristin Dinsmore