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1-Day Seminars and Workshops
Workshops and seminars for those who want to evaluate the capabilities of ADI's high-performance embedded processors and development tools.

Embedded Processing SpeedWay Design Workshop™ by Silica
This full day workshop provides an overview of Analog Devices' Blackfin family of embedded processors including product road map information and the inner workings of the processor (core, memory, power management, and peripherals).

Attendees will participate in three hand's-on hardware labs with an emphasis on digital video imaging featuring Avnet's Digital Video Surveillance Kit. The workshop offers practical lessons that designers can immediately apply to their current projects.

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: Free

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Blackfin Processor Workshop
Investigate developing with the Blackfin processor family. Experience the strengths and power of these devices. Instructor: ADI Field Application Engineer.

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: Free
Location Date Registration  
San Jose, CA, USA 19 June 2008   Register Now  Request more information
Phone: (408) 382-3280
San Jose, CA, USA 15 Oct 2008   Register Now  

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Multi-Day Workshops
In-depth technical training designed to develop a strong working knowledge of embedded processors and development tools through lecture and hands-on exercises.

Blackfin System Development and Programming (ADSP-BF533 & ADSP-BF537)
Teaches you how to efficiently design with the ADSP-BF537/6/4/3/2/1 Blackfin embedded processor. Hands-on training is provided, using the latest VisualDSP++ development tools (with both assembly and 'C' programming languages). Presented by Kaztek Engineering's ADI-trained instructors. Detailed course description.

Duration: 3 1/2 days
Language: English
Register early and save 6% on the workshop fee:
$1500 USD (North America) / $1850 USD (Europe) - If paid on or before the Run/Cancel Decision Date
$1595 USD (North America) / $1975 USD (Europe) - If paid after the Run/Cancel Decision Date

Note: Run/Cancel Decision Date is 3 weeks prior to workshop date.
Location Date Registration  
Munich, Germany 17-20 June 2008  Register Now  

Nordic Region Workshop
Workshop that covers the Blackfin Processor Family and development tools and includes hands-on lab exercises. Download Workshop Agenda.

Duration: 3 1/2 days
Languages: English, Danish or Swedish
Cost: DKr. 11.800, -excl VAT

Note: Registration cutoff date is 3 weeks prior to workshop date.
Location Date Registration  
Copenhagen, Denmark TBD    Request more information

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