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In addition to our award winning digital isolator products, Analog Devices also offers a wide range of interface products. In order for you to be updated on our wide breadth of interface and digital isolator products and solutions, we've expanded our Digital Isolator Update to now be called the Interface and Isolation Update. Look for your Update quarterly!

New Products

Market's First Complete, Single-Chip, HART Modem IC
This device requires the lowest power in the industry and is fully compliant with the HART Communication Protocol. It accurately encodes and decodes HART communication signals in noisy, harsh industrial environments. Consuming 38 percent less power than alternative solutions, the new modem IC requires 60 percent less external support components and is the first to incorporate an internal low-power 0.5 percent accurate oscillator, internal receive filtering and an internally buffered HART output. This integration provides a greater than 75 percent saving in board area over competing products.
Learn more about the AD5700: Industries Lowest Power, Complete HART Modem Register with HART Communication Foundation

Learn more about the AD5700-1: Industries, Low Power Complete HART Modem with Internal 0.5% Precision Oscillator.

Guaranteed Latch-Up Prevention in High-Voltage Applications and Provide Industry Leading ESD Protection
The new ADG5412 family of switches guarantees latch-up prevention in high voltage industrial applications operating up to ±22 V. These switches are designed for instrumentation, automotive and other harsh environments that are prone to latch-up. Other features include:
Latch-up proof
8-kV HBM ESD rating
Low on resistance: <10 Ω
±9 V to ±22 V dual supply operation
9 V to 40 V single supply operation
Learn more about the ADG5412 family
Learn more about the similar ADG5212 family of guaranteed latch-up proof low charge injection parts

Industry's First Family of MLVDS Transceivers with 8kV IEC ESD on Bus Pins
The ADN4690E and ADN4692E are the latest in a family of eight Multipoint LVDS (MLVDS) transceivers released. These products have the industry's highest ESD rating on the bus pins (8kV IEC61000-4-2, Contact Discharge) with glitch-free power-up for card insertion. These products are targeted for multipoint data and clock distribution in the 100 Mbps (slew-rate limited for EMI) to 200 Mbps data rate range (50 MHz-100 MHz clock freq). They provide a 1:32 fan out function for clocks or a 32 node bus for data communication across a single differential transmission medium (PCB or cable), saving connector cost, board area and reducing the power consumption required compared to having more than two LVDS lanes in parallel.
Learn more about the ADN4690E
Learn more about the ADN4692E
View the full MLVDS portfolio

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Interface and Isolation Demo at Embedded World 2012

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Updated iCoupler and isoPower Selection Guide
Spring, 2012
Did You Know?

Join the Interface and Isolation team at the PCIM (Power Conversion Intelligent Motion) trade show in Nuremberg May 8-10th. Learn more and register to attend.
Inside iCoupler Technology:
Surge Testing of Digital Isolators
Many applications require isolation of hazardous voltages in order to meet international safety standards. To ensure the safety of equipment and operators, these standards often require that isolating components, such as digital isolators or optocouplers, survive high voltage surges in excess of 10kV (peak). The ability to test the surge capability of an isolator is, therefore, an essential part of developing safe and reliable components. Learn more here.
NAppkin Notes - written expressly for the Interface and Isolation Update - are ideas, hints, and tips for NAppkin Notes
building with interface and isolation technology. This issue we present: HART Communication Made Easy. Read whole note here.

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