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Rarely Asked Questions -- Strange but true stories from the call logs of Analog Devices.

analog Choosing Analog ICs - You’ve told us that we need not be too careful when choosing discrete transistors. What about analog ICs?

survival I Grew Up in the 80s and Survived! - What should concern me when testing my heart-rate monitor prototype?

SAR_vs_SD ADCs for High Dynamic Range – Successive-Approximation or Sigma-Delta? - I need 100-dB dynamic range for a medical imaging application. Can you help me choose between successive-approximation and sigma-delta ADC architectures?

photodiodes LEDs are Photodiodes Too - I need a cheap photodetector, but a 1N4148 doesn't seem to work. How should I connect it?

diamond_heist The Diamond Plot - My signal is within the instrumentation amplifier’s specified input voltage range, but the output seems saturated. What’s happening? Is the part broken?

morning_after Overranged Converter Recovers Quickly - How do you verify overrange recovery in high-sample-rate converters?

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