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Rarely Asked Questions -- Strange but true stories from the call logs of Analog Devices.

sherlock Looking for Trouble in All the Wrong Places - I see a lot of ringing and overshoot at the output of my amplifier. What could I be doing wrong?

adjustable_input Programmable ADC Input Range Provides System Benefits - What’s the advantage of an adjustable or programmable analog input range?

clipping Defying Scrooge - How can I pursue my hobby without access to electronics test gear?

overrange Bits Per Second Make My Head Hertz - I’m confused by the use of “Mbps” units when looking at digital isolator data sheets. Why not use MHz?

overrange RAQs: 100 Issues and Counting - Your RAQ column has been around for a long time. When did it start? Where can I read more?

overrange Overrange Flag Indicates Data Validity - What will the output data from an ADC look like during an overrange event?

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