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Rarely Asked Questions -- Strange but true stories from the call logs of Analog Devices.

Common Sense for Current Sensing- I need to measure a current but I donít know which amplifier to use. Where do I start?

Choosing a Precision Op Amp? Trust Goldilocks- Iím selecting an op amp for my precision signal path. Isnít faster always better?

Going Full Tilt- I would like to improve the accuracy and repeatability of tilt measurements using the ADIS16209 inclinometer. Can I use several of these sensors in parallel to improve the accuracy?

Who killed that component?- Why do unstressed components sometimes fail for no obvious reason?

Who ate my dBs?- I am setting my signal generator to output a CW tone at a certain power, which per my math, should give a -1 dBFS signal at the ADC. However, I am seeing -15 dBFS! Who ate all of my dBs?

Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, and Stronger)- The data sheet for the amplifier that I've chosen for my application specifies a small signal bandwidth along with a large signal bandwidth, and they are quite different specs. How do I determine if my signal qualifies as small or large?

Kalman or FIR Filter for My IMU? - In configuring my inertial measurement unit (IMU) for post-filtering of the data after the sensor, I see options for both a decimation FIR filter and also a Kalman filter. Which one is best for my application?

When Second Sources Aren't - Every specification on a second source componentís data sheet is the same as ADI's, but when installed in the end-system, it fails. What is happening?

O CMRR, CMRR! Wherefore Art Thou CMRR?- Why is the effect of common-mode signals at the output larger than the CMRR specification?

Missing Half the Signal- When using an ADCís internal digital downconversion (DDC) processing for decimation, my single tone real input signal is losing 6 dB of power. What is happening?

Unused Pins- If grounding is one of the most common causes of analog problems, what is the next most important?

The Truth About Voltage Feedback Resistors - The stability of my fully differential and voltage feedback amplifiers seems highly impacted by the value of my feedback resistorsóthe RF/RG ratio is always correct, so whatís happening?

Mystery Spur Unfiltered Analog- Why is my signal so distorted when Iím doing everything right (I think)?

Voltage References Can Bite You, Too - Why does my voltage reference have nowhere near the accuracy guaranteed on the data sheet?

The Ingenious Gentleman and the Mysterious Paddle - Shouldnít the exposed paddle of an IC amplifier always be connected to ground?

Mystery Spur Mystery Spur Explained: Don't Blame the DDC! - Can you explain the existence of a mystery spur?

murphy Murphy Rules! - Why donít my amplifiers and converters work correctly in the published circuit?

muntz Muntzing can save cost, components, and even your sanity - Do I really need to match the impedance between both inputs of my amplifier?

lopsided Isnít that gain specification a bit lopsided? - Can you explain why the minimum and maximum gain errors specified by my ADC differ so much?

reference Choosing References - So how do I choose a voltage reference?

speeding Donít Get Caught Speeding - My amplifier doesnít behave properly when multiplexing channels. What could be the cause?

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