The Best of Analog Dialogue

President's Message

Twenty-five years ago, as a fledgling company — in business less that two years — Analog Devices started publishing Analog Dialogue. We noted that many company publications fell far short of what engineers, scientists, and technicians needed — a serious, reliable, well-written, applications-oriented medium — appearing with a degree of regularity and continuity — that would inform readers of the newest and best available technologies and how they might be applied in practical ways to guide our readers through the treacherous swamps of electronic design.

We quickly became aware of the magnitude of investment of talent and money required to sustain regular publication of a high-quality corporate technical journal — large, even for a more-substantial and well-anchored company. Nevertheless, we felt then that the availability of such a publication to our existing and prospective customers in the growing international market for precision electronics was a critical necessity for the industry — and that meeting it would handsomely reward us for making the investment.

And so it has turned out. As one of the few corporate technical journals with a long record of continuous publication, Analog Dialogue has virtually become an institution. The most common comment found on the reply cards that come back to us with comments is "Thank you! And keep up the good work." That is precisely the intention — and not only to keep it up but, with your help, to seek to improve the Dialogue.

While many individuals throughout ADI have contributed to the success of Analog Dialogue, the consistent high quality and practical, useful content of this publication are due almost solely to the dedication and commitment of its editor and publisher, Dan Sheingold. For nearly 25 years, his far-reaching knowledge of signal-processing technology and his unusual talent for lucid and interesting expression of complex technical issues have been a valuable resource, not only for Analog Devices but equally for the industry we serve. It is appropriate that we dedicate this 25th anniversary edition to Dan to commemorate a lifetime of fruitful, productive work.

Ray Stata
Chairman of the Board and President
Analog Devices, Inc.