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The 1998 edition of the Designers' CD Reference Manual contains PDF data sheets and other information on about 1300 models covering all aspects of analog signal processing from dc to rf, as well as information on our digital signal-processing (DSP) product line. In addition to a three-way product-selection search engine, the manual includes application notes, SPICE models, a Worldwide Sales Directory, and a cross-reference guide to competitive equivalents. In addition, products designed for low-voltage operation (+3 V) or low physical profile (1.78-mm max height) can be searched for independently, without requiring a search of the entire database. Designed principally for PCs, it can also be used, with some limitations, in a Mac or Unix environment. Request a copy

The 1998 Short-Form Designer's Guide has 312 pages of information on Analog Devices products and applications. Included are Selection Trees and Selection Guides for 21 classes of products from amplifiers and converters to sensors and signal conditioners to digital signal processors. Especially highlighted are more than 27 pages of New Products and 23 pages of New-Product Application Ideas, plus 8 pages of listings of Evaluation Boards. Also included are ordering guide, package options, Worldwide Sales Directory, Technical Publications, including 4 pages listing our Application Notes. FREE. Request a copy

DSPatch--The digital signal-processing applications newsletter. No. 39, Spring, 1998, 20 pages. This issue introduces the 3.3-V ADSP-2183, the world's smallest (1cm2) DSP package; Also featured: DSPs as systems-on-a-chip; the low-cost SHARC: ADSP-21065L; Single-chip RAS modem; Designing low-voltage systems; Using SHARCs: in weather tracking, in reconfigurable audio, in radar processing, in voice processing. In addition, departments such as Q&A, news of workshops and software releases. FREE. Request a copy

Communications Direct--System-level IC solutions for digital communications. Vol. 3, No. 2, 8 pages. Features: New chips optimize GSM baseband mixed-signal processing; Digital receiver design considerations; Single-chip radio cuts cordless costs. Also, an opinion piece: Personal communications systems; the design challenge; and brief articles: ADI makes custom DSPs for 3Com's 56-K modems; an overview of the AD20msp415 GSM baseband chipset.

Accelerometer News. Issue 6, 8 pages. Features: Accelerometers in earthquake detection systems; Repackagers provide cost-effective turn-key solutions to many accelerometer applications; An inertial brake light system. Also, The signature verification system (using an accelerometer-based pen and a hidden Markov model); and ADXL05 prices reduced.

The anyCAP™ family of low-dropout regulators--More power to the portable world,
4 pages. Lists low-dropout regulators, battery chargers, switching regulators, and charge pumps. Describes the patented anyCAP™ principle and product line, as well as the patented dissipation-facilitating Thermal Coastline package. Request a copy


To Richard J. Higgins, Director,
Global Innovation for Engineers Program

Dear Mr. Higgins,
I am a Masters student at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia and have been using your book Digital Signal Processing in VLSI* for study. Most book stores (for example state that the book is out of print. Can you tell me whether a new edition is in the cards? It is an excellent DSP text--you seem to have captured the flair of DSP rather than just all the mathematics!

Best Regards,

Michael Goorevich

Thanks for your kind words. We worked pretty hard at it . . . By copy of your note to Dan Sheingold at Analog Devices, with whom this book was written, I am alerting him to the status of DSP in VLSI being out of print . . . (He) may be able to update you on any plans underway.

Richard Higgins

Dear Michael:
It's out of print at Prentice Hall, but we still have copies of it at Analog Devices and continue to distribute them. We haven't yet determined whether to order another printing after it runs out this time. Certainly, none of the fundamentals have changed, and 6 of its 8 chapters still provide an excellent basis for understanding the underlying philosophy, physics, and mathematics of DSP, regardless of the hardware/software of specific implementations. The principal changes to be made would be in this latter area, but the field is so fast-moving that whatever we published in a new edition would again be obsolete within a short time.

Also, the specific architectural implementations of Analog Devices and our competitors get increasingly integrated (XLSI?) and depart more and more from the recognizable basic elements found in the simple structure and instruction set of the ADSP-2100. Nevertheless, the next generation of floating-point SHARCs uses essentially the same instruction set as the first generation of SHARCs, and the SHARC instruction set is recognizably related to that of the fixed-point 2100, described in the book.

Once you've gotten what you need to know from this advanced primer, the sensible next steps are to collections of algorithms specifically relating to solving problems of interest to you, and to the instructional materials of your chosen manufacturer.

Dan Sheingold

*Higgins, Richard J., Digital Signal Processing in VLSI. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-212887-X. Copyright 1990 by Analog Devices, Inc. Available from ADI ($38.00). I'd like to buy a copy.