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-An Eclectic Collection of Miscellaneous Items of Timely and Topical Interest.-


  • Second-generation 32-bit SHARC® DSP, ADSP-21160
  • 5.0-V XFET™ low-noise, mpower Voltage Reference, ADR293
  • CCD/CIS Signal Processor, complete 12-bit, 6 MSPS, AD9816
  • ADCs, 8/10-bit serial, 2.7 to 5.5-V, 8-pin, AD7823/AD7810
  • Low-dropout 20-A regulator/controller in 8-pin SO, ADP3310
  • 96-kHz stereo DAC, 113-dB SNR, –97 dB THD+N, AD1855

· · · AD53040 data sheet: Bypass capacitors should be connected between VEE & VLDCPL and VCC & VHDCPL. Keep lead lengths as short as possible · · · AD7304/AD7305 data sheet, Rev. 0: Pin 4 should be VREFA, pin 5 is VREFB (corrected in Rev A).

· · · AD7714 has a -40 to +105°C "Y" grade with improved specs, including 0.001% max INL, Schmitt trigger inputs, 3-5-V supply range, 2.7 V min operating voltage (<1 mW), 24-lead TSSOP, and lower price · · · AD7715 is now available in tiny TSSOP 16-pin packages · · · The AD976 16-bit sampling ADC has had substantial price reductions, which include availability in a very low price "C" grade · · · The AD620, AD622, and AD623 Instrumentation Amplifiers now have reduced sensitivity to temperature. The gain/temperature spec is 10 ppm/°C at G = 1 · · · The AD422 HART system on a chip mentioned in Analog Dialogue 31-1, page 15, is not (and will not be) available.

A Sampling of helpful DSP Books (complete) is available on the Analog Devices Web Site. This page connects you to extensive product documentation, including more than 20 current DSP publications on hardware, software, and applications of the 16-bit ADSP-2100 and 32-bit ADSP-21000 families, including SHARC©, PLUS more than a dozen White Papers on a variety of DSP topics, and a comparable number of Technical Background Papers · · · The 16-bit ADSP-2100 Applications Handbooks are officially out of print. However, you can find Volumes 1 and 2 in the form of a family of PDF files.

· · · The 32-bit ADSP-21000 Applications Handbook (Vol. 1) is rapidly selling off our literature shelves. When it's gone, it won't be immediately reprinted. But it resides as a series of PDF files. · · · The books of seminar notes accompanying two recent Analog design seminars and available for sale are also available at our Web site.

5,611,075, Bus architecture for digital signal processor allowing time multiplexed access to memory banks, Douglas Garde · · · 5,620,931, Methods for fabricating monolithic device containing circuitry and suspended microstructure, Robert Tsang and Theresa Core · · · 5,684,419, N-bit analog-to-digital converter with N–1 magnitude amplifiers and N comparators, Frank Murden and Carl Moreland · · · 5,684,431, Differential-input single-supply variable gain amplifier having linear-in-dB gain control, Barrie Gilbert and Eberhard Brunner · · · 5,684,481, Rail-to-rail DAC drive circuit, James Ashe · · · 5,684,487, A/D converter with charge-redistribution DAC and split summation of main and correcting DAC outputs, Michael Timko · · · 5,685,005, Digital signal processor configured for multiprocessing, Douglas Garde, Ronnin Yee, Mark Valley, and Steven Cox · · · 5,686,821, Stable low dropout voltage regulator controller, Adrian P. Brokaw · · · 5,686,913, Serial data interface apparatus and method for detecting an input word length and selecting an operating mode accordingly, Michael Coln and John Wynne · · · 5,689,257, Skewless differential switch and DAC employing the same, Douglas Mercer, David Reynolds, David Robertson, and Ernest Stroud · · · 5,694,740, Micromachined device packaged to reduce stiction, John Martin and Yang Zhao · · · 5,696,469, Clock oscillator, Thomas Meany and Patrick Hickey · · · 5,699,260, Technique for optimizing the number of IC chips obtainable from a wafer, David Lucas, Mark Foy, and Fergal Loughran · · · 5,703,519, Drive circuit and method for controlling the cross point levels of a differential CMOS switch drive signal, David Crook and Ernest Stroud · · · 5,703,586, Digital to analog converter having programmable transfer function errors and method of programming same, Hans Tucholski · · · 5,706,005, D/A converter with improved means to prevent output signal instability, Donal Geraghty and Michael Curtin · · · 5,706,008, High bandwidth parallel analog to digital converter, Roger Huntley, Thomas Tice, and Charles Lane · · · 5,712,571, Apparatus and method for detecting defects arising as a result of integrated circuit processing, Geoff O'Donoghue · · · 5,712,635, Digital to analog conversion using nonuniform sample rates, James Wilson, Ronald Cellini, and James Sobol · · · 5,714,892, Three state logic input, Derek Bowers, James Ashe, and Leo McHugh · · · 5,714,911, Quadrature oscillator having amplitude control means based on a trigonometric identity, Barrie Gilbert · · · 5,717,891, Digital signal processor with caching of instructions that produce a memory conflict, James Potts and Kevin Leary · · · 5,721,502, Voltage-controlled reset for logic state initialization, David Thomson and Evaldo Miranda · · · 5,721,512, Current mirror with input voltage set by saturated collector-emitter voltage, Derek Bowers · · · 5,724,037, Data acquisition system for computed tomography scanning and related applications, Wai Lee · · ·5,731,940, ESD protection scheme, Paschal Minogue · · · 5,736,607, Hermetically sealed dies and die attach materials, John Martin and Peter Farrell · · ·5,736,886, Input clamping method and apparatus with a correlated double-sampling circuit, Christopher Mangelsdorf and Katsufumi Nakamura · · · 5,736,899, Fully differential voltage controlled operational transconductance amplifier, Derek Bowers and James Waller · · ·5,745,060, Gain calibration circuitry for an analog to digital converter, Damien McCartney and John O'Dowd · · · 5,745,323, Electrostatic discharge protection circuit for protecting CMOS transistors on integrated circuit processes, Stephen English and Edward Wolfe · · · 5,748,004, Reset switch for a micromachined device, Thomas Kelly and John Memishian · · · 5,751,525, EOS/ESD protection circuit for an integrated circuit withoperating test voltages exceeding power supply rail voltages, Andrew Olney · · · 5,757,220, Digitally controlled programmable attenuator, Franklin Murden and Carl Moreland · · · 5,757,230, Variable gain CMOS amplifier, Christopher Mangelsdorf · · · 5,757,234, Feedforward differential amplifier, Charles Lane · · · 5,757,803, POTS splitter assembly with improved transhybrid loss for digital subscriber loop transmission, Mark Russell and David Ribner · · · 5,759,902, Method of making an integrated circuit with complementary junction-isolated bipolar transistors, Jerome Lapham and Brad Scharf · · · 5,760,617, Voltage-to-frequency converter, Michael Coln and Eric Nestler.

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